He also talks around how much fun he and Gerard Butler had actually while filming the movie in Dublin.

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Whether you want to believe it or not, PS i Love you has become a bit of a landmark moment for irish cinema, as people continually turn ago to re-watch the rom-com-dram, specifically now the we"ve reached the ten-year anniversary that the movie"s relax in cinemas.

A few months earlier we had the possibility to chat to Gerard Butler, and of food we had to lug up the hugely successful movie v him - did you recognize the $30 million movie made over $150 million worldwide?? - yet this time we had actually the chance to chat to his PS ns Love girlfriend co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


“I actually dropped the phone!” - ireland actress expose mad moment she obtained surprise call to star in major Marvel movie


Morgan, that kicked turn off his career through Grey"s Anatomy before going on come star in Watchmen, The go Dead and also as Bruce Wayne"s dad in Batman V Superman, remained in London to promote Rampage, the new blockbuster he co-stars in with The rock (who us chatted to, too) and Naomie Harris (ditto).

While we did talk around the monkey organization of the movie, we had actually to also chat about PS ns Love You, his self-confessed "first proper movie role", and what that was prefer for him and Gerard butler wandering roughly Dublin, guitars in one hand and also a pint in the other.

We likewise chat around the fact that he beat Ed Sheeran to the punch for his variation of "Galway Girl", and how he feels about that comparison...

Full interview right here:

In instance you"ve let go it...

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We right here in rewildtv.com really delighted in Rampage, and you deserve to hear our full review in the recent episode that The big Reviewski, which girlfriend can inspect out in ~ the very bottom that the page.

The movie is in cinemas best now, and in situation you"ve let go it, here is the trailer because that you come enjoy:

Clip via Warner Bros. Pictures

Did you hear around Jamie Lee Curtis and her ireland Halloween plans??


The huge Reviewski || rewildtv.com · The large Reviewski's HALLOWEEN SPECIAL v Jamie Lee Curtis and also spooky movie recommendations
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