Wedding bells rang this year for among Chicago Fire‘s actors members. Jesse Spencer newly tied the knot through his longtime girl friend in a an enig wedding.

Spencer, that plays Matthew Casey ~ above the show, has previously to be romantically connected with Once upon A Time actress Jennifer Morrison in a partnership that it is long for four years.

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The previous teen heartthrob has since found love in his girl friend of 6 years, Kali Woodruff.

The newlywed couple tied the node on June 27th in a tight-knit ceremony. Review on come learn more about Spencer’s new wife.

Jesse Spencer play the teen heartthrob in ‘Neighbours’


Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey | Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC/NBCU photograph Bank

Jesse Spencer to be born in February 1979 in Melbourne, Australia, to Rodney and Robyn Spencer. He has actually two older brothers and also a younger sister. Interestingly, his siblings room all clinical professionals, v his older brother being an oculoplastic if the other brother is one orthopedic surgeon. Spencer’s sister is one anesthetist.

Spencer attended Canterbury main School and later checked out Malvern central School. He likewise attended Scotch College, where he auditioned because that his groundbreaking role on the Australian struggle soap opera Neighbours.

Spencer finished his VCE in ~ Scotch College and also earned a spot in ~ Monash University. He, however, deferred his studies to take it the course of acting.

Spencer play Billy Kennedy in the show for six years and also later reprised his function in 2005 for the show’s anniversary. Afterward, that starred in reflects such together Uptown Girls and Swimming Upstream. He likewise starred in the Fox medical drama House, i beg your pardon lasted because that eight seasons.

Spencer is additionally a musician and plays the violin in a band dubbed Band from TV. The tape comprises the his House costar Hugh Laurie. Lock play in various concerts and also donates the money they gain from the concert to charities.

He theatre the captain at Firehouse 51

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Matthew Casey is introduced to pan on the show’s pilot episode. He is Kelly Severide’s ideal friend. Return Casey is an excellent friends v Severide, the two have actually a feud end the fatality of Andy Darden. He likewise has a ancient feud with Chicago PD’S knowledge Unit’s leader Hank Voight.

Although Severide and Casey shot to be as experienced as possible, they discover themselves hurling insults at one another. However, the two friends patch points up through the finish of the season. After Darden’s death, he find himself acquiring custody that Darden’s two children.

Casey grows affectionate the the kids as the becomes their adoptive parent. That gets involved to Dr. Hallie Thomas, yet the pair break points off after part time. This is due to the fact that Hallie clarifies the she doesn’t want any kind of children in spite of Casey’s desire to have actually children.

He then begins a connection with Gabby Dawson, but they decision they are better off as friends. Hallie returns, and she and also Casey rekindle their romance. However, she gets eliminated in a fire after learning a medicine ring at she clinic.

In season 2, Casey ends up search solace in Gabby’s hands, and also the two shot to beat coy through their feelings. They, however, decision to give in to your feelings for one another. Casey is seen as a standoffish yet caring boss that will execute anything for his team.

Spencer recently obtained married to his longtime girl friend in a secret wedding

According come the day-to-day Mail, Spencer married his longtime girl friend in a tight-knit ceremony through their nearby friends and family ~ above June 27th. The happy pair met at a music festival in 2014 and also hit it off ideal away. Your wedding day honored Kali’s grandparents, that so take place to celebrate the same day for your forty-year lengthy marriage.

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Kali is a research scientist native Neptune Beach, Florida, and Spencer couldn’t protect against gushing around his new wife. He dubbed their wedding a silver lining come 2020 considering this year’s events and those leading as much as their wedding day.