Ever wondered what it's choose to live and work on a actual farm?

Here's your ideal chance to discover out! already live top top a farm or flourished up top top one? Here's your chance to relive every the best that the farming life needs to offer!

In man Deere: American Farmer, you're the boss and also everything counts on you. Tree crops, advanced livestock, hire employees, and also build barns. With this extremely realistic agriculture simulation, you create and also manage your own farm v the ultimate score of maintaining it financially rewarding and making

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True come the real farming industry in every way!

John Deere: American Farmer isn't her run-of-the-mill farming simulation. Just like real farmers do, friend face concerns of market and also price fluctuations, insects, droughts, floor quality, crop failures, the seasons, and so lot more!

Can you make the most money specializing in increasing cows and also corn, or must you diversify her farm v sunflowers, soybeans, and also hogs? Invest in "hobby" commodities like honey, and sell them at roadside stands. There are so numerous routes to be taken, you'll hardly understand where to start!

Ten exciting scenarios challenge your farming skills

Through individual scenarios, man Deere: American Farmer presents you v a variety of certain problems to explore. Raise and sell 10,000 pigs to finish "Hog-Wild."

To win "Fixer-Upper," fix a run-down farm and make it financially rewarding again.

In "Golden Tuesday," to make reservation a particular amount of grain to strike that rich as soon as the time comes and also commodity prices spike! Play every scenario on any of three difficulty levels come fit her farming expertise.

Seven various other scenarios likewise await, however the farming fun doesn't avoid there. Free play mode gives you no objectives at all and just allows you do everything you want!

Simple and also fun sufficient for aspiring farmers of all ages!

The game's interface is quick and also easy come learn and also use. You're presented through a bird's-eye overview of your farm, and also you deserve to zoom in on any component of it through a click the the computer mouse should difficulties arise.

The basics of john Deere: American Farmer are so simple that youngsters can learn them in a short time, but the game also includes enough depth and also complexity for even the most serious farming enthusiast!

Purchase and operate authentic john Deere branded equipment

Of course, that wouldn't be a man Deere video game without the ideal quality farming machinery! john Deere: American Farmer lets you gain behind the wheel the tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, and more, each with the acquainted green and yellow man Deere repaint job. Each maker is calculation in painstaking detail to be together true as possible to the genuine thing!

From the comfort of your own home, endure a taste of the very same pleasant life in the landscape farming households have live for generations, through one difference: john Deere: American Farmer lets you mold that experience into whatever you desire it come be!

Other man Deere American Farmer Download Features

Plant crops, save livestock, and build frameworks while responding to unexpected events like weather and financial marketsPurchase and also control authentic man Deere branded devices -- tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, and also moreTen varied scenarios, every with 3 levels of difficultyOvercome an insect infestations, unpredictable weather, and disgruntled employeesUse the built-in Map Editor to develop your own distinctive scenarios!!

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