Upon landing in the rabbit Hole in Wonderland, Sora and co. "meet" the White Rabbit. Monitor him through a door into the Bizarre Room. Method the tiny door because that a scene v the Doorknob.

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Move over to the bed and Push it into the wall. This expose a doorway more into the world. Currently go over to the table and also Drink the medicine to shrink down. Heartless will currently spawn in this area, including the Red Nocturne. take the doorway behind the bed into the Queen"s Castle.

The scenes below unlock the Wonderland entry in Chronicles, as well as multiple characters: Alice, Queen the Hearts, Cards (Hearts), Cards (Spades), and White Rabbit. There is a save allude near the exit to the Bizarre Room. Use the departure for Lotus forest when friend are all set to proceed.

Entering the woodland introduces you to Cheshire Cat. Sora"s goal is to uncover four piece of proof to free Alice, however, there is quite a lot to do in between Lotus Forest and Bizarre Room. The next part of this web page will focus on getting all the evidence, with a separate ar for further expedition afterwards.

Speedrun: you only require to administer one item of proof to move the story forward.

There room two flowers the you have the right to see top top the wall surfaces as girlfriend enter; one yellow, and one red. Behind the red flower is a tiny alcove with the an initial piece of evidence, Footprints. Give the yellow flower here a potion to get some MP balls and a Hi-Potion as a reward.

In this same alcove, run up the two big mushrooms come reach part lily pads the ascend up into the trees. Friend can get in a doorway in the tree to with the Bizarre Room.

Sora falls onto the stove in the Bizarre Room, right beside the 2nd piece of evidence, Stench. Return to Lotus Forest.

Head right into the back of the forest to uncover a huge boulder. Jump on top of the boulder and also then ~ above the lily pad to discover the 3rd piece of evidence, Antenna. Usage the mushroom to rise another collection of lily pads to find a chest through some dalmatian puppies, no. 16/17/18.

This is most likely your an initial dalmatian chest, or at least it need to be. Opened your first chest adds the 101 Dalmatians web page to Jiminy"s Journal, whereby you have the right to see how countless puppies you"ve saved. Friend can even press

to view how plenty of chests are in every world. Wonderland has a full of 12 puppies - 9 currently that you"ve conserved the first 3. There are 3 puppies in each chest, an interpretation there space 3 an ext chests come find. Together you unlock an ext worlds, a list of puppies in that world will be included to the Journal.

Hop down and go earlier to the an initial part of the forest, where you met Cheshire. Give a medicine to the yellow flower right here to grow ago to Sora"s initial size. Examine the log beside the exit, then jump top top it. Study the acorn on peak of the tree, then Take the to do it autumn to the ground. Strike the tree when to do it spin, then Eat the acorn come shrink under again.

Enter the alcove whereby you uncovered the Footprints, then rise up the lily pads again. The pads the you elevated up are currently accessible, and also lead to a doorway in the corner, back to the Bizarre Room.

The gang lands on height of a water spigot high up on the wall. The final proof chest is on a ledge off to Sora"s right. This is a little bit of a tricky jump, so be careful. Walk come the sheet of the spigot closest to the ledge, then relocate forward and also immediately jump. If friend fall, you will must go ago through Lotus woodland to get up below again. Open up the chest for Claw Marks. There will certainly be one more scene v Cheshire afterwards, wherein Sora learn Blizzard.

Return to the Queen the Hearts and speak with one of the heart Cards to revolve in all her evidence. The Queen will mix up her 4 pieces of proof with 1 that hers, and you will need to pick simply 1. Watch carefully as the box fall. Package that drops LAST is the Queen"s evidence. Pick any of the other boxes come prove Alice is innocent. Regardless of your choice, the step plays out mostly the same.

The amount of evidence in this scene is always 5. If you present fewer than 4 pieces, the Queen will certainly present much more evidence that Sora and also co. Space guilty. This provides it harder to insurance the "correct" result.

This isn"t really a boss battle, though it might feel choose one. Sora will certainly be constantly assaulted by Cards. They deserve to be knocked out, but not important defeated, and will get ago up after part time has passed. The score is to damage the crank tower in the facility of the room. Damage all 3 cranks, then damage the base of the tower to succeed.

The HP that the cranks and also tower is a tiny strange. Each continuous hit deals 1 point of damage, no issue Sora"s strength. A finisher, ~ above the various other hand, go 5 point out of damage. Landing full combos is necessary if you desire to finish this in a timely manner.

Finishing this succession will update Wonderland (2nd entry) in Chronicles.

Alice is missing, so endeavor into Lotus woodland to search for her. You start with another visit native Cheshire, that comes with a brand-new boulder. Girlfriend will likewise begin encountering the Large Body enemy. The front of a large Body shows attacks, so attack from behind or run up and hit your head. Magic attacks can additionally bypass your frontal immunity.

Make your means through Lotus forest all the way to the back. The boulder has moved, giving accessibility to the Tea Party Garden. There are no enemies here, yet you can Sit at any of the chairs at the table for miscellaneous effects. Read the authorize on the wall surface (next to the picture of the mad Hatter) till it claims "Sit down to acquire your present." You can only sit in each chair once, and if you obtain a battle, you need to leave the garden and also return for the seat to reappear.

Starting v the wood chair beside the sign and going clockwise, right here are the results of sitting in each chair:

HP Orbs, PotionTableMunny, HP & MP orbs, Elixir
MP Orbs, Potion3 Shadows, 2 Red Nocturnes
MP Orbs, EtherMunny, Potion
2 Soldiers, 2 Red Nocturnes

Once you have all the rewards friend want, enter the home to go back to the Bizarre Room (Roof).

Cheshire"s hint is to revolve on the light, so head into the facility of the room. You space on the ceiling that the Bizarre Room, so run up top top the lights and also Touch every of them come ignite them. (For some reason, using Fire doesn"t work.) You deserve to head every the way back come the continual version of the Bizarre Room via the Tea Party Garden and also the Lotus Forest, yet there is a shortcut below on the roof. Uncover the latch ~ above the wall surface opposite whereby you entered and Release the latch.

Sora fall down ago in the Queen"s Castle. Look come his left to discover a chest that holds a Thundara-G gummi block. Use the save allude and go back to the Bizarre Room for a boss battle versus Trickmaster.


Trickmaster"s biggest claim to an obstacle is the height of the hitbox. Jumping and also attacking is only guaranteed to hit few of the time, which way you require to gain up on the chair and also the table come reliably fight it. Thankfully, ~ every few attacks, that will get stunned because that a couple of seconds, dropping under and permitting for part aerial combos. Trickmaster also drops HP balls once it is stunned.Trickmaster will retaliate by making the table spin, and squashing the chair so the you can"t usage it. Sora"s run is just high enough that he can grab on come the edge of the table, therefore not having actually the chair isn"t together detrimental together you can think.Once Trickmaster it s okay to low wellness it will certainly go over to the stove and light its hand on fire. It will try to shoot fireballs in ~ Sora, however if friend stay close to its feet and also jump attack, these assaults will always miss.

Defeating Trickmaster gives you the Ifrit"s Horn accessory, i m sorry raises max AP and also Defense, and also gives 20% Fire Resistance. You will likewise get a Navi-G Piece gummi. This also completes Wonderland in Chronicles. If you made decision not to uncover all 4 pieces that evidence, this is where Cheshire will give Sora Blizzard. When you next get control, you will certainly be at a brand-new save point in the rabbit Hole. Use it to go back to the Gummi ship to knife what is really likely your very first Achievement.

The rabbit HoleSeal the keyhole in Wonderland.


2 guides

The next location is Olympus Coliseum, by means of Traverse Town. This is your very first opportunity to clean gummi mission 1, for this reason head to KH1: Gummi because that details on the if you feel choose it. You will certainly most most likely clear it there is no trying.

When you get to Traverse Town, stop in in ~ the article Shop. You should have more than enough munny to pick up the following weapons for Donald and also Goofy. Grab the Warhammer and Stout Shield for 900 munny.


There are numerous Trinity point out in Wonderland, as well as a couple of chests and even whole areas that Sora didn"t visit throughout his an initial visit.

Begin by landing at the hare Hole, and use the Green Trinity behind the save suggest to get an Elixir from a chest. Get in the Bizarre Room, shrink down, then enter the fireplace to find an additional Green Trinity that reveals a chest with a Mythril Shard.

Pass with the Queen"s castle to the Lotus Forest, then enter the small alcove wherein you uncovered the very first piece of evidence. There is a Blue Trinity top top the floor here that fall an Ether, a Potion, and a Tent. Go back to the area by the boulder and give the yellow flower a medicine to grow bigger, then relocate the boulder right into the water. Eat the acorn and also then usage the mushrooms as a ladder to get in a covert area.

Return to Lotus Forest and go every the means to the back. Run onto the mushroom next to the departure to the Tea Party Garden, and also jump throughout to the locked chest in the edge to discover a Scan-G. Turn roughly from here and also jump to the ledge above the mushroom for one more doorway to the Bizarre Room (Side).

Touch the first lantern on the wall surface to make a chest appear. Open up it for a Defense Up. find the shelf through a teddy be afflicted with on it, and also attack the small wire holding that to do the bear loss down. This likewise makes a red book adjust from being flat on the table to leaning up versus the wall. Much more on that in a bit.

Backtrack to the more open variation of Lotus Forest, and travel along the top of the lily pads until you are close to the entrance to the Queen"s Castle. From this greater vantage point, friend should have the ability to see an additional doorway - and also a chest - over the little puddle. Glide over to the chest to grab one Orichalcum, then usage the doorway come the Tea Party Garden.

You deserve to now interact with the book and also the teddy bear. Review the book to uncover a Mythril Shard being offered as a bookmark, then move the teddy be affected by each other to popular music the grandfather clock the end of the wall. Move the clock also to expose a covert doorway. Go through here while little to acquire to the balcony in the Tea Party Garden and also open the chest below for part Dark Matter.

Head back to the Queen"s Castle and also stand v your ago to her. There is a chest come the left and up top top the hedge. Usage High run to get up there and claim the Meteor-G.


You can discover the rare Fury stone here, and obtain any an ext Lucid Shards you might need. Having the upgraded Aerora is mandatory.

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Land at the Queen"s Castle, climate head into the Bizarre Room. You are looking for a swarm that Shadows to appear. If they execute not immediately show up, respawn the room till they do. They will occasionally drop Lucid Shards.