The oriental War was very similar to the Vietnam War. Both had their root in the Truman Doctrine and also the Domino Theory. In addition, in both wars, the nations were break-up into Communist North and also Democratic South. However, the biggest differences between the two wars to be the an approach of fighting; one style resulting in more casualties than the other. Overall, in spite of some differences, the oriental War and also the Vietnam war were very much the same.

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The Truman Doctrine, by definition, is “...the plan of the United states to support complimentary people who space resisting attempted subjugation by equipped minorities or by external pressures." Communistic push are comprise in this doctrine. This doctrine was frequently supported through the Republicans, and also was both the basis because that NATO and the expansion of the COld battle throughout the world. The Truman Doctrine change the relationships of the United says with the Soviet Union native an uneasy friendship to the principle of containment. Containment is stalls the spread out of Communism. The Domino effect theory also had an impact in both the korean War and the Vietnam War. This theory claims that “...that if one state in a an ar came under the influence of communism, climate the surrounding countries would monitor in a domino effect. The domino theory was used by successive United States managements during the Cold battle to clarify the require for American intervention about the world.” This was the thinking behind going right into both the Vietnam War and the oriental War, a major similarity in between the two.


Both countries in both wars were separation into 2 parts; one communistic and also one democratic. Both northern parts to be communistic and also both southern parts were democratic. In both situations the United claims supported the south in wishes that in doing so Communism would be halted. Both wars ended with deliberations and also a concession top top both sides.The Vietnam War finished (under the Paris tranquility Treaty) with both side agreeing to traction out and also cease fire. The oriental War ended with a demilitarized zone in between the 2 countries. Overall, both nations were split in two, communistically and democratically. Both wars finished with concessions on both sides, and also both battles were gone into by the United states supporting the south in order that the spread of Communism would certainly be halted.

One significant difference between the oriental War and also the Vietnam war was the format of fighting: “...The oriental War was identified by quick bursts of fighting whereas Vietnam had tendency to be long and drawn out.” This affected the morale of the troops, and also impacted the quantity of casualties in both wars: “...54,000 American soldiers passed away in Korea and the war ended within three years. In Vietnam, however, 58,000 soldiers died over a food of ten years.” Overall, back this to be a difference in between the two wars, the similarities in between the two conflicts overwhelm the dissimilarities.

Conclusively, the korean War and also the Vietnam battle were very similar to each other. Both wars were a result of the Truman Doctrine and the Domino Theory.

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Both nations were break-up into northern communistic and also southern democratic. Both ended in concessions on both sides, and also both wars were component of the larger dispute known as the Cold War, fought in between the democratic West and the Communistic North.