English hatchet or phrase:May tranquility be upon you
Arabic translation:السلام عليكم
Entered by: Fuad Yahya

03:25 Jul 28, 2001
English come Arabic translations
English hatchet or phrase: May tranquility be upon you
Peace be v you.

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السلام عليكم
Explanation:Pronounced: ASSALAMU "ALAYKUM Fuad

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Explanation:Pronounced: ASSALAMU "ALAYKUM FuadFuad YahyaNative speak of: Arabic, EnglishPRO pts in pair: 7371

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Explanation:As usual,"you" means several things. 1)if you way one solitary man, climate assalaam alayka 2)if you means one single woman, then assalaam alayki 3)if you way two males or 2 women, then assalaam alaykumaa 4) if you method several men, then assalaam alaykum 5) if you method several women, then assalaam alakunna These room the key solutions. I give only much more precision come what Fuad said before which was no wrong ns hope it helps you Yacine yacineLocal time: 08:33Native speaker of: Arabic, FrenchPRO pts in pair: 51
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