The presumption of theory Y is a management format in the workplace presented by McGregor. It is one of the theory of an inspiration on what motivates employees in the workplace. Plenty of organizations emphasize on the use of this kind of format to authorize workers.

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The theory operates top top the premise that employees are highly motivated that they deserve to seek responsibilities and also can carry out up to expectation as soon as clear goals and direction are given to them.


1. More optimistic: Theory Y present the hopeful nature that the employee in the workplace. The workers are committed to the missions of the firm and exercise self-control and also self-direction to achieve them.

2. Love because that work: In this theory, employee love your work and also consider it natural as play and rest. The job-related is a source of satisfaction and also they are ready to do everything to ensure castle succeed with their responsibilities.

3. Innovation: In this kind of monitoring style, employee are very innovative and also creative. They can exercise a high level of imagination and also come increase with new ideas on exactly how to execute well and increase the performance of the company.

4. Flexible: The employee have an innovative flexibility in the workplace and they don’t must be called what to do. They require little supervision. Managers deserve to delegate tasks and also leave the employee to bring the task on their own.

5. Look for responsibility: These employee not only do fine in the allocated duties under a appropriate condition, but they seek more responsibilities in the workplace.

6. Productive: Given good working conditions, motivation, and also clear set goals and direction, the employees deserve to increase your performance and also the efficiency of the company.

7. Participative management: In this layout of management, employees have the right to participate in management. The managers motivate employees by giving them value to your input and allow them to participate in decision making.

8. A feeling of ownership: Employees feeling a great sense of property when given the authority to make decisions in the company. The managers have finish trust in them come delegate decision-making processes to them.

9. Far better customer services: In this format of management, employee are extremely motivated and also can handle customer complaints v ease. The customers space able to gain immediate responses to any problems lock have.

10. Supervisors can focus on core business strategy: Since there is less supervision needed, the managers deserve to delegate some obligation to workers and also they focus on other strategic objectives of the company.


1. Over-generalize: This management style tend come over-simplify and over-generalize people to it is in one method or the other. No employee deserve to either right in theory x or concept Y.

2. Lazy managers: Managers can delegate all their work to the employees and also relax in the office.

3. Motivation from the job: This theory operates ~ above the assumption that the project itself is the motivation which is not the case. The management should motivate world to work.

4. Restrictions on theory Y: Those who follow concept Y they always have to behave in a really directive and controlled manner.

5. Only beliefs: Theory Y it’s only a belief about people, work, and also responsibility and also this can be much from reality.

6. Lack of time monitoring skills: few of the employees lack time management skills that will allow them to have actually the flexibility to carry out the work-related on your own. Without ideal planning, they may finish up through missed deadlines.

7. Self-motivation: Certain employees room not self-motivated and require a many of an ideas and empowerment from the employer for them to be able to utilize their capabilities.

8. Thefts company’s time: Less supervision to workers and also too much trust top top them may make lock waste the company’s time doing activities that only benefit themselves.

9. Invest more on empowerment: Salary and good working problem alone cannot motivate the workers and make lock prosper. The company has to go the extra mile and invest more on motivational and also empowerment programs.

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10. Right setting for all: The concept operates top top the premise that producing the right environment and also support, employees will carry out well. Each worker is different and also creating an atmosphere that fits every is impossible.


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