Note: This page is because that Caterpillar and Mitsubishiforklifts only. To discover a serial number for a forklift of a various brand, click here for our various other guides.The most direct method to find your Caterpillar forklift’s serial number is to inspect the forklift’snameplate (also dubbed a data tag). This helpful tiny label contains lots of miscellaneous detailsabout your lift–its model, that is weight, the lifting capacity, and more.Most importantly, the nameplate likewise displays the forklift’s serial number. ~ above a Caterpillarforklift, the nameplate looks choose the picture to the left and is often found near the dashboard, like in the picture to the right:

Caterpillar is also associated through the Mitsubishi brand, so if you have actually a Mitsubishi forklift, the nameplate may look something prefer this:


Checking the nameplate is the quickest and easiest method of discerningthe serial number of your forklift.But what if the nameplate wears under or has actually fallenoff? You’re no out that luck simply yet. Sometimes, a Caterpillar forklift’s serial number have the right to be uncovered physically stamped ~ above its frame.Below is a list of various models that Caterpillarforklifts and also some diagrams showing wheretheir serial numbers have the right to be found.

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Models and also serial numbers

In general, a Caterpillar forklift’s serial number is stamped ~ above the chassis frame over the right-hand former wheel. For certain models that are represented by diagrams, watch the highlighted portions of the figures below.

Figure 1

For models GP40K, GP40KL, GP45K, GP50K, DP40K, DP40KL, DP45K, and DP50K, watch Fig. 1.

For models P30001, P35001, PC40001, P40001, P50001, P55001, P60001, P65001, and P70001, see Fig. 2.

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Note: This perform is a work-related in progress. Check ago later for an ext Caterpillar/Mitsubishi models!

For her convenience we likewise offer a Cat Forklift Parts hands-on where you have the right to search by your Caterpillar Forklift’s model Number.

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