Ouran High School host Club has my poll for "Most Surprisingly delightful Anime of every Time." as soon as I very first saw words "high school" so blatantly advertised in that is title, I assumed Ouran High School hold Club would certainly be a childish anime and also honestly, it didn't appeal come me. Climate one day once I had absolutely nothing better to do, I decided to give it a opportunity seeing the there were some cute males in it. (Hehe.) lot to my surprise, I fell in love v the anime, the characters, and the music as well.

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Ouran High School hold Club had only twenty-six episodes through one opening theme and also one ending theme throughout. The English execution of the opening and also closing themes were completely "reversioned" by FUNimation, the entertainment company that licensed the anime's American release. ("Reversioned" means that the songs were no literally translated from the original Japanese however instead a different interpretation to be created.)

"Sakura Kiss" through Kristine Sa

(English variation by FUNimation)

Kiss Kiss fall In LoveHey! Hey! Hey!I view you come, i watch friend go,You never seem to leave me though.So is this love? Or hate?We'll see… you're make me crazy!Inside my dreams, you're all i see.Well, all I see is you and also me.Lady, maybe, or hostI find I yes, really don't mind.If I had actually to select a roseIn this garden of romanceMaybe we could take this chance...Maybe you're mine love!And i would like to findA hand choose yours to take it mineAnd through one kissWe could stop time and I'd loss in love with you!Tomorrow's much awayLet's ar our expect in todayJust you and also me In our beautiful springAnd we'll always fall in love again!Hey! Hey!Maybe you're my love!

"Sakura Kiss" through Kawabe Chieco

(Original Japanese version)

Kiss, kiss, autumn in love!Hey, Hey, Hey!kizukeba itsudemo soba ni iru keredoHONTO wa KIRAI? SUKI? mousou na no?jibun no kimochi ga KURIA ni mietaraREDII demo HOSUTO demo kamawanai yoSUKI ni natteku riyuu wa minnachigau yo ne KEDO possibly YOU'RE mine LOVEaitai ima yasashii kimi ni sakura KISSUTOKIMEITARA ranman koi shiyomirai yori mo ima ga kanjin uruwashi haru no koi wahanasaku otome no bigakuHey, hey, hey!MAYBE YOU'RE mine LOVE

"Shissou" by Justin Houston

(English version by FUNimation)

I run and also run a thousands milesand ns am barely breathingOnly the fuel that a passioned heartKeeps this body strong and moving forwardBut can it it is in I've uncovered a location to restHow far until I'm okay?Trees that the town expose the time has actually comeOnce again to transition our shade and also colorsThe world constantly changes around us, yet weakness will always remainThrough all the pain,Believe in who we are, ideal here and also nowRaise one hand to the skyRaise lock both, Lift them high!And you'll reduced through the darkness,Make that go!The time to begin is now!And i can present you how!Start through me and the human being will be even bigger than ever before before

"Shissou" by last Alliance

(Original Japanese version)

Go-sen mairu hashitte iki wo kirashiteAdorenarin hyaku rittoru walk dai subete furu kadouKoko do kireba ii darou? doko made ga ok?Machi wo irodoru kigi wa moyougae kuri kaeshiteruKawari hateta shirosa kawarenai yowasaIma koko ni iru jibun wo shinjitaiNigi te hidari dare furikazashite yami wo kiri saite go!Itsuwari wa nai ze kakugo kimeteru zeSutaato kitta sono shunkan kara sekai wa hirogaru sa

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Anna Paul ~ above October 08, 2017:


Sho yamato ~ above June 06, 2015:

Well this tune of ouran high school hold club tune is therefore cool the reminds me about my school and also my girlfriend sakeru , mokoto , maggie, matie, yuky, miya.

Erica Awesome top top November 26, 2013:

I for sure love Ouran High school host Club and the songs stand for moods and emotions so look deeper right into the words and BELEIVE in what's possible...also


It's the best show EVA!!!

anene ambor top top January 20, 2012:

i love watching anime and one of my fav. Is the ouran high. The characters are all cute.

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DEDE on may 22, 2011:

lov the shows for reals

Susan Ng Yu (author) ~ above June 25, 2010:

You're fairly right, cnbenson. I even have my favourite voice actors, and also I would watch one anime I've never ever heard of if I liked the voice actors. :) Thanks, jimmycloud. :)

jimmycloud native India on June 25, 2010:

I liked your work!

cnbenson from Texas on June 24, 2010:

I love the town hall FUNimation dubs and also going "oh that's ___, and ____, wow"

Its pretty neat just how they usage the same actors for loads of shows, but its always different. Every VA it s okay their chance to shine, and you have the right to tell i beg your pardon VA it is, however it still sounds refreshing.

Susan Ng Yu (author) on June 22, 2010:

I've heard Vic Mignogna's rendition that Shissou, actually. That sounded favor a cowboy. Hehe. Yet I haven't heard the English version of Guilty beauty Love yet. The one I have is the Japanese version. :)

You know, I'm yes, really looking front to Vic's portrayal of Zero Kiryu in the upcoming English dub the Vampire Knight. Can't wait for it to be released. :)

cnbenson indigenous Texas on June 21, 2010:

Hey did you recognize Vic Mignogna is the man who walk the english Shissou. The didn't perform it, but he did the translation and whatnot. He likewise did Tamaki's Character tune "Guilty beauty, beauty Love" in english and also sang it. Its quite dang Awesome!