Is your Mercedes-Benz grounding in second gear (limp mode) and also the inspect engine light came on? You are experiencing transmission problems. You push the gas pedal, and also the engine RPMs go as much as 4000 or even greater and you are restricted to a max rate of about 30 MPH. The examine engine light (CEL) come on. You scan the automobile using an OBD-II password reader, and also you get fault codes such together P0715, P0720, P0700. Diagnostic Trouble password (DTC) P0715 is detected as soon as TCM or ECM go not receive the suitable signal indigenous the input/turbine speed sensor.

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Quick Tip If you require to gain home, try turning off the car. Remove crucial and wait a pair of minutes then restart the car. You may be lucky and get the automobile out that limp mode. That is a issue of time before your Mercedes-Benz goes earlier into limp mode. Obtain your transmission problem resolved. Review on to learn exactly how to troubleshoot and also fix the most typical Mercedes Benz automatic transmission problems.

Mercedes Automatic transmission Fault Codes

Here is a list of Mercedes 5-speed and also 7-speed automatic transmission connected error codes.


P0720 – Output rate Sensor Circuit MalfunctionP0715 – Input/Turbine rate Sensor Circuit break down (Transmission Conductor key or 13-pin connector issue)P0700 – Transmission control System breakdown (Generic Code telling you over there is a gearbox problem)P 0716 P0717 P0718 – intake / Turbine rate Sensor Circuit malfunction / Range Performance / No Signal / IntermittentP0719 – torque Converter Brake switch Circuit Low

All this fault codes point to powertrain malfunction, frequently automatic infection problems.


Mercedes-Benz does not change properlyCheck Engine light / service Engine light OnStuck in 2nd gear / Limp ModeHigh Engine RPMLimited Max speed of 30 MPH

Possible Causes

In most instances the difficulty is among the following:

Mercedes Benz Valve human body 722.6 5 rate Transmission
Defective Conductor Plate
Failed 13-pin connector harness, Leaks Oil, infection O-Ring

Cost to settle P0715 P0720 P0700

The an excellent news is the to repair any of the problems mentioned over you don’t should remove the infection from the car. You deserve to perform the repairs v the transmission in place. The many expensive repair could price a few hundred dollars.

The very first thing that you should check is the 13-pin connector plug. This is the electrical wire harness the plugs into the valve body which is inside the transmission. It leaks oil and also causes interaction problems in between the transmission regulate unit and also the sensors ~ above the valve body. This component costs much less than $20 and can be uncovered on Amazon. Follow this post on just how to replace the 13 pen connector top top Mercedes-Benz transmission. 

If the valve body conductor plate is the problem, then you space looking to invest $150-$250 for the conductor plate. Auto repair shops may charge in between $650 – $950 relying on your location. Mercedes-Benz dealership has actually reported quoting in between $1400-$1800 for this repair. One place where friend will find reasonably priced conductor plates because that Mercedes-Benz 5-Speed 722.6 and 7-speed 722.9 infection is Amazon.

How to change the valve body

If the 13-pin connector doesn’t deal with the problem, then the following step is to replace the valve human body conductor plate. Instead of the conductor key is easy. It is placed of top of the valve body. You will must remove the valve human body from the transmission. Infection doesn’t have to be replaced. The valve body can be gotten rid of from underneath. Change the conductor plate and reinstall the valve body.

DIY Troubleshooting

The codes listed above provide you a general idea of what’s wrong v the car. They room fault codes stored ~ above the Engine Contol Unit (ECU), you acquire them from a share OBD II scanner. To appropriately troubleshoot the transmission problem on her Mercedes-Benz, girlfriend will require a diagnostic scanner that can retrieve the fault codes from the transmission control unit (TCU). The following step is to get a hold of together an progressed diagnostic scanner, read the TCU error codes which will help you narrow down the trouble with your Mercedes-Benz. If girlfriend don’t have one, there space a pair of affordable scanners that will allow you to review transmission error codes (also abs, ets, esp and also most that the systems on your Mercedes-Benz) and also you can find these scanners on Amazon, see web links below.

Launch Creader Engine infection ABS Airbag Scanner
iCarsoft MB II Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Scanner

Both of these scanners have very similar functionality. Clock the video clip on the next section on how to use these scanners to read the infection fault password on your Mercedes-Benz. If friend would like to read more about diagnsoitc scanners that job-related on Mercedes-Benz friend may discover this post helpful: optimal 10 finest Diagnsotic Scanners because that Mercedes-Benz.

Once you settle the problem such as replacing the 13-pin connector or replace the valve body, girlfriend will require a diagnostic scanner such as Mercedes-Benz Star DAS or one the scanners mentioned over to erase the fault codes and get the auto out the limp mode.

How come read and erase infection fault codes.

Use an advanced scanner to review the fault codes indigenous the transmission regulate module. Settle the difficulty that is details to your auto then use the OBD-II scanner to erase the fault codes to get the car out of limp mode. Watch video on just how to use the scaners mentioned above to read and erase the error codes.

Possible Solutions

Depending on your troubleshooting outcome right here are some short articles that will assist you repair the troubles on your Mercedes-Benz.

13 pen Connector – DIY change Transmission Connector Adapter Plug O-rings Mercedes Benz 722.6
Mercedes-Benz Valve body 722.6 NAG1 Installation
Check Transmission fluid Level

Still having Automatic infection Problems

If your Mercedes-Benz transmission is still exhilaration up, there might be various other reasons that can reason it to change erratically, be stuck in 2nd gear, limp mode, stuck in park or various other problems. Check out Mercedes-Benz Automatic infection Problems and also Solutions write-up if girlfriend need an ext help.

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Applicable Models

This trouble is typical in numerous Mercedes-Benz models consisting of Chrysler Crossfire, dodge Sprinter Vans and SLR McLaren.

Mercedes-Benz infection Valve Body electric Conductor key (5-Speed 722.6xx Transmission) 1402701161 => 1994-1997 5-Speed A/T SL320 / 1994-2006 5-Speed A/T SL500 / 2003-2007 5-Speed SL55 AMG / 1994-2007 SL600 / 2005-2007 SL65 AMG / 1998-2004 SLK230 / 2002-2004 SLK32 AMG / 2001-2004 SLK320 / 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 3500 / 2003-2009 dodge Sprinter 2500 3500 / 2002-2010 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 3500

MERCEDES-BENZ TRANSMISSION impacted MODELS 1997-2007 C230,C240,C32,C320,C55,CL500,CL55,CLK320,CLK500,CLK55,E300.E320,E420,E430,E500,E55,ML320,ML350,ML430,ML500,ML55,S430,SL320,SL500,SL55,SL600,SLK320,SLK32,SLK320,AMG,SPRINTER