Parking spaces space usually partly or completely marked out with white lines, to aid drivers position their vehicles. The markings permit the maximum variety of vehicles come fit in a parking area while ensuring over there is a safe space around each one. Motorists using parking spaces need to make certain their auto is totally contained (and preferably, centered) in ~ the white lines.

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Parking through the curb is permitted in some areas and prohibited in others. If there room no white-lined parking spaces to show that you may park in a particular area, you might need to count on various other pavement markings because that information.

Colored curbs

Many states use painted curb markings of various colors come indicate minimal or prohibition parking. Unfortunately, the precise an interpretation of the colors supplied varies a tiny from one state come the next. Be sure to inspect out local information in your state’s very own driving manual, as mistakenly parking alongside a fancy curb whereby parking is prohibited would likely result in a parking fine.

Red and also yellow fancy curbs usually mean that parking is fully prohibited. Drivers should protect against parking everywhere the curb is painted through a red or yellow strip, even if they space not details what the an exact rules room in that area. It is better to it is in safe and park in other places than risk acquiring a ticket!

This guide to colored curbs will offer you a stormy idea of exactly how to translate these pavement markings. Be sure to uncover out what the rules are in her city or state, together they might differ slightly from those noted here.


Red curbs.Red curbs usually average no parking, was standing or avoiding for any kind of reason, at any time. Occasionally red curbs are booked spots because that buses come stop, or designated fire lanes.


Yellow curbs.Yellow curbs median no parking, yet sometimes protecting against or standing for certain purposes is permitted. Because that instance, a yellow curb in brand-new Jersey may be add by a roadway sign denote the circumstances under i beg your pardon parking or protecting against is permitted.


Blue curbs.Blue curbs virtually always suggest that the area is scheduled for disabled allow holders.


Green curbs.Green curbs mean that parking is permitted for a limited time. There will be a roadway sign posted surrounding explaining the restrictions. This is dominion is true for plenty of states – including California – though it is by no way universal. In new Jersey, environment-friendly curbs typical that parking is scheduled for car-sharing vehicles.


White curbs.White curbs median parking is restricted. Motorists may have to hold a unique permit or use a parking meter come park beside a white curb. Countless states i think unpainted curbs count together white curbs.

What if the curb is not painted?

As discussed above, some claims tell motorists that unpainted curbs should be cure the exact same as white curbs – despite this is not constantly the case. Just like colored curbs, it is that paramount importance that all motorists check the regional parking limitations which use where they room driving. Two cities in ~ the exact same state might use entirely different sets of rules.

A lack of painted curbs indicating that parking is minimal DOES NOT average that parking is automatically permitted. There may be road signs posted adjacent stating the parking rules because that this stretch of curb – make sure you know exactly how to interpret them.

Parking risks

It is crucial to find out the parking rules and curb shade meanings pertinent to your an ar so the you have the right to make parking decisions quickly. Hesitating approximately a likely spot because you space not sure whether you have the right to legally park over there will placed you at risk. Parking is a dangerous company at the best of times, together your focus will be taken increase with looking for a spot and maneuvering, rather than scanning the road approximately you because that hazards. Taking too long to park or attempting to park in a prohibited spot may additionally aggravate other drivers, specifically if the roadway is busy and also spaces room limited.

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Here is among the ideal bits the parking advice girlfriend will get as a brand-new driver: constantly start in search of a parking room in breakthrough of your location – execute not leave it till the last moment. Find much more valuable parking accuse in the parking risks section the “Complex steering Environments”.