"When fascism comes to America, it will certainly be covering in the flag and carrying the cross." -- Sinclair Lewis

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Our pal Paul Lukasiak, one avid Dukes the Hazzard fanatic, come up v this ole picture of Mr. Anti-Gay. Yet this wasn"t one outfit he to be wearing in ~ the san Francisco Halloween Parade or a Christopher Street pride celebration. The hapless Californian warned Kentucky voter that backing autonomous gubernatorial candidate, Steve Beshear, who "consistently sustained every homosexual cause", etc would rotate Kentucky into one more San Francisco. Ns imagine too many a tiny handful of Kentucky voters think the would average they would certainly all have to dress like... Beat Boone. This photo-- long since scrubbed native the web by the hypocritical Boone-- was how he looked in ~ the American Music Awards in 1997 after ~ releasing a putrid "heavy metal" album that has gone down in the annals of music industry history as one of the worst offering albums of all times. Nice dog collar, Pat. Did girlfriend borrow it from Mitch McConnell? (McConnell has actually been one admirer of Boone"s ever because this picture of the was released by Larry Flynt. )
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7 Comments: at 7:46 PM, anonymous said...

Why did he need such a huge box?

in ~ 8:36 PM, anonymous said...

he uaed a big box come emphasize the smallness that his manhood.

in ~ 7:40 AM, anonymous said...

"He Loves You"

in ~ 6:28 PM,
Unknown said...

Now I know where Justin Timberlake & Adam Samburg gained the idea because that "Dick in a Box."

in ~ 8:19 PM, anonymous said...

oh dear. Just how sad. No wonder pat hates sex therefore much...he"s hung choose a fly. Every the prostiutes the pays should laugh in ~ the bad thing...

in ~ 5:52 AM, anonymous said...

Pat Boone? I thought he was dead!

at 4:24 PM, anonymous said...

The Dead Kennedy"s said it first about the Anita Bryant"s and also Pat Boones, "If you are alive climate God should be dead".

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