In this article, we will certainly answer the concern “Are oxidized potatoes safe to eat” and also discuss answer to various other related inquiries like can you eat oxidized potatoes and also How come keep cut potatoes from transforming brown.

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Are oxidized potatoes for sure to eat?

Yes, oxidized potatoes are safe to eat. As soon as raw potatoes space peeled and cut, they revolve brown quickly. This process is known as oxidation, it happens due to the fact that potatoes space a normally starchy vegetable.

This process does not impact the flavour or texture of the vegetable and also you deserve to use oxidized potato as it is safe to eat.

Can you eat oxidized potatoes?

Yes, you can eat oxidized potatoes. They space still for sure to eat, you just need to reduced the clues away. If over there is comprehensive amount of Fusarium, this can give the potato an turn off flavour.

Potatoes adjust their colour as soon as exposed to air, however they’re still safe to eat. Once you peeled and also cut potatoes for boiling, friend should place the reduced potatoes right into a mixture the 1 tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice or white vinegar to 1 gallon the water. This will aid keep the potatoes from oxidizing.

Oxidizing potatoes: Why execute potatoes oxidize? potatoes oxidize since they contain an enzyme that as soon as exposed to oxygen, reacts with oxygen to produce discolouration ~ above the surface of the potato.

Potato skins and fruit peels space the organic ways to defend them native discolouration. Although the browning that develops on peeled potatoes might not look at appetizing they are safe come eat, that does no produce any type of toxin or poison. The colour readjust is just an enzymatic reaction.

Once cut, uncooked potatoes can take on bluish or dark tints. Potatoes that end up being discoloured in this means are for sure to eat, and the colour commonly disappears when the potato is cooked.

To avoid discoloration of cut potatoes, you have to immerse them in cold water until ready to use, for up to 2 hours.

The oxidation procedure doesn’t influence the flavour or texture of the vegetable, one oxidized potato is completely safe come eat.

But the trouble is who wants to sit down to a bowl of grey potato salad? even if it is you room making potato salad, hash browns, or a sheet pan full of roasted potatoes, you’ll want to prevent oxidation indigenous happening

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How come keep cut potatoes from transforming brown? 

Wait to peel them

Peel and slice the potatoes right before cooking. Nothing let the reduced potatoes sit around for too long. That is the easiest method to protect against oxidation in reduced potatoes.

Lower the pH

Lowering the pH have the right to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is limited when the fluid becomes slightly acidic. As soon as you arrangement to soak potato for more than 8 hours you should include some lemon juice or vinegar come the water or olive oil to avoid discolouration.

Lowering the PH level way making something more acidic. Execute not make the liquid much more acidic as it distorts the flavour.

Use one tablespoon because that every gallon that water friend use, the very same goes v olive oil. Back you most likely are not going to use a whole gallon.

Just add in a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice for every half gallon. Enough where you can’t really smell the vinegar must work.

The citric acid and also vitamin c both work to inhibit the enzyme from transforming the potato brown. This is why lemon juice can be a much better choice than vinegar.

This same method is used to stop the agakmall from transforming brown as well.

Use a glass baking dish

According to the Idaho Potato Commission, Glass baking dishes and also mixing bowls space a safer selection than aluminium or metal pans together they deserve to react with reduced potatoes, resulting in them to brown as well quickly.

Add salt

Saltwater deserve to slow the browning. Soaking potatoes in saltwater is a method that deserve to lead come a faster cooking, flavorful and an ext crispy potato.

Saltwater deactivate the enzymes and slow the oxidation reaction in the cut potatoes.

Salt will actually attract out a most water inside the potato, this is why it helps to do them chef faster.

So it doesn’t hurt to include a tiny amount the salt into the water or olive oil.


Using cold water is the easiest method and the many common method to avoid browning. You can soak reduced potatoes in a key of ice water.

You should have actually the bowl of ice cream water just before you part the potatoes. You deserve to soak the potatoes overnight if you desire to slice them front of time. Ar them in the refrigerator if you plan to carry out this.


In this article, we answered the concern “Are oxidized potatoes safe to eat” and also discussed answer to various other related inquiries like can you eat oxidized potatoes and How come keep cut potatoes from transforming brown.


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