Honda Accord is a sedan and also coupe model from Honda. The eighth generation came on the sector in 2008 and also continued until 2017. So room you wondering about how to reset the oil life or maintain light ~ above a Honda Accord?
Within your 2008 Honda Accord, typically, it’ll have kind of an oil maintain minder because that you in terms of letting you understand to change your oil at every 5,000-mile interval. And you’ll notification kind of a percentage sign, and also that pops up sometimes; it speak you her oil life. Okay, we’re going to go with the process to reset the oil life after an oil adjust on Honda Accord.

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How to Reset Oil Life/Maintenance light On Honda Accord

For your info, this operation job-related for the eighth and ninth generations that the Honda Accord (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 model years).

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All appropriate so ~ the oil change, we should reset the oil life. On older models of the Honda Accord, you have the right to reset the oil life making use of the knob ~ above the tool cluster. So let’s perform it.Put the ignition crucial to the on position however not begin up the carIf your automobile has an ignition button, press the POWER switch twice without step on the brake pedalGo to the OIL LIFE screenSo once we perform that you’re walking to scroll to the Oil Life display by pressing through the Select/Reset knob ~ above the tool cluster

Then she gonna push the SELECT button to enterScroll down again until you with the MAINTENANCE RESET and then push SELECT to enterSelect RESET to execute the oil life resetFor more details, you re welcome watch the complying with video:
So usually this tutorial because that the 2008 Honda Accord four-cylinder also works on the six-cylinder too and additionally the various other generations also so. These instructions are based upon the Honda Accord owner’s manual. That’s around it, thanks for reading.

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what is happening, I simply serviced my Honda accord 2008 v6 car and the oil irradiate Is currently blinking when am no moving. But when ns accelerate a little the oil irradiate goes off? please aid me mine auto mechanic doesn’t know what to do again.