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Roses space red, violets space blue, this ridiculous jokes will surely get you. Roses room red, violets space blue, we’ve gathered tons of these funny jokes for you. Roses space red, violets are blue, read ahead, and also you’ll have actually fun, too. Who doesn’t love a an innovative “rose room red, violets room blue” poem? The an excellent part around this classic verse is the you deserve to make it together clever, dirty, or silly as you want. There’s a factor we quiet scribble these lines into Valentine’s Day and also anniversary cards — it’s still gained its charm.

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OK, OK, you gain the picture. For plenty of of us, “roses space red, violets room blue” to be our very first poem. Return it has the potential to it is in a super sweet message, the can likewise be yes, really funny. If you know more roses room red, violets room blue jokes 보다 you execute romantic poems, welcome. You’ve pertained to the right place. This short poem has countless different faces. Some room racy, if others room hilarious. Therefore if you’re feather to put something cute but raunchy or silly in your lover’s following Valentine’s work card, we gained your back, girl.

After all, is there anything more versatile than a good “roses are red, violets room blue” joke? They’re perfect together a joke for kids, with a twisted ended they deserve to turn into a dirty joke, and some are simply plain flirty. Every little thing your favorite type is, we’ve collated the finest ones we could find right into one page for her browsing and giggling pleasure.

1. Roses are red,Violets space blue,Who is your daddy,And what does that do?

2. Roses are red,Violets are blue,White wine expenses less,Than dinner for two.

3. Roses are red,But violets aren’t blue,They’re purple, friend dope.Now go acquire a clue.

4. Roses room red,Violets room blue,A face like yours,Belongs in a zoo.

5. Roses room red,Violets are blue,I’d quite be single,Than v someone choose you.

6. Roses room red,Violets are too,I’m colorblind,What around you?

7. Roses space red,Violets are blue,You look like a donkey,And smell favor one, too.

8. “Roses are red,Violets room blue,I’m a schizophrenic,and so to be I.” — Billy Connolly

9. Roses space red,Violets space blue,I’m using my hand,But reasoning of you.

10. Roses space redViolets are blue,Coffee is bitter,And so room you.

11. Roses room red,Violets space blue,But ns wouldn’t know,I don’t get them native you.

12. Roses space red,Violets are blue,I can’t rhyme,Banana.

13. Roses room red,Violets room yellow,I’m hoping this poem,Will gain me a fellow.

14. Roses space blue,And violets are red,Please reverse,What I just said.

15. Roses space red,The earth is wide,You’d look much better,With me by your side.

16. Roses room red,Violets space blue,I can’t believe,You’re a monkey, too.

17. Roses are red,Violets space blue,There’s always someone,Who’s far better than you.

18. Roses space red,Violets space blue,Look at me again,It will certainly be the end of you.

19. Roses space red,I’m going to bed.

20. Roses space red,Violets space blue,Your phone call is smart,So why aren’t you?

21. Roses are red,I have actually a phone,Nobody texts me,Forever alone.

22. Roses are red,Violets room blue,I’m a cougar,How old are you?

23. Roses room red,Violets are blue,I really messed up,Now what deserve to I do?

24. Roses room red,Violets space blue.You’re a psycho,But i still love you.

25. Roses room gray,Violets are gray,You room gray,I’m a dog.

26. Roses space red,Relationships room tough;The reason I love you,Is ’cause we dislike the same stuff.

27. Roses space red,Facebook is blue,No shared friends,Who in the people are you?

28. Roses room red,Violets are blue,I’m allergic to flowers,Achoo!

29. Roses space red,Violets room blue,I want to order pizza,And watch Netflix v you.

30. Roses are red,Violets space blue,I have a gun,Get in the van.

31. Roses room green,Violets room blue,I’m colorblind.

32. Roses room red,Violets space blue,I to be born smart,What taken place to you?

33. Roses room red,Violets are blue,Sorry to say,I’m not right into you.

34. Roses space red,Foxes are clever,I like your butt,Can i touch that forever?

35. Roses space red,Violets space blue,I’m unoriginal,This is all I have the right to do.

36. Roses are red,Violets space blue,I dislike poetry,But I’m into you.

37. Roses are red,Violets room blue,You snore choose a bear,But I’m still right into you.

38. Roses are red,Violets space blue.Poems room hard,And i am too.

39. Roses are red,Pizza sauce is too;I bespeak a large one,I’m no sharing with you.

41. Roses room red,Violets are blue,Please keep your flowers,And your poems, too.

42. Roses are red,Violets are blue,When ns flush the toilet,I psychic you.

43. Roses are red,Violets room blue,Sheep walk baah,And cows walk moo.

44. Roses room red,Violets space blue,TL;DR,They differ in hue.

45. Roses space red,Here’s other new:Violets are violet,Not freaking blue.

46. Roses are red,Violets room blue,Instagram’s down,Your Facebook will certainly do.

47. Roses room red,
Violets room blue,
Even my mom’s,
Funnier than you.

48. Roses space red,Violets room blue,My mom’s tiktok dance,Is cooler than you.

49. Roses are red,And if violets watch blue;That’s ’cause anthocyanidins,They different in hue.

50. Roses space red,Violets space blue,These hoax are getting old,And so space you.

51. Roses space red,Violets are red,Everything’s red,Holy shit, the garden’s on fire.

52. Roses are brown,Violets are brown,Who pooped in my garden?

53. Some roses aren’t red,Some violets room blue,Nobody’s wrong,Except probably you.

54. Roses room red,Violets room blue,So glad i realized I’m better without you.

55. Roses space red,Violets room blue,I finally have a bae,Now what do I do?

56. Roses space red,Violets are blue,If i were you,I’d want me too.

57. Roses are red,Violets are blue,I have 5 fingers,The middle one is because that you.

58. Roses space red,Violets space blue,I perfect my popcorn,During the preview.

59. Roses are red,Violets room blue,Garbage it s okay dumped,And now you do, too.

60. Roses room red,Violets space blue,If monsters room coming,I’ll run faster than you.

61. Roses are red,Violets space violet,Here is mine number,Why nothing you dial it?

62. Roses are red,Violets space blue,One ripped condom,Created you.

63. Roses room red,Violets room blue,I cry myself to sleep,Dreaming of you.

64. Roses are red,Violets are blue,I stated it to be me,It was actually you.

65. Roses room red,My display screen is blue,I think ns deleted system32.

66. Roses space red,Violets room blue,If I had a brick,I’d throw it in ~ you.

67. Roses are red,Violets room blue,This map was expensive,Take turn off all your clothes.

68. Roses space red,Thor is fat,The god the thunder ends up play Fortnite and also roasting kids on voice chat.

69. Roses are red,Cellos are brown,Never gonna offer you up, never ever gonna let you down.

70. Roses are red,Violets are blue,Poetry is hard.Avocado.

71. Roses space red,Violets are glorious,Never surprised Oscar Pistorius.

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