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He has actually told you, O mortal, what is good; and what go the Lord call for of youbut to do justice, and to love kindness, and also to walk humbly v your God? Micah 6:8

In January, Ruth Harder, pastor at Rainbow Mennonite Church in Kansas City, Kan., asked 5 people in her congregation come reflect ~ above the an interpretation and impact of Micah 6:8 in their lives. What follows are three of those reflections; another was released in the March problem of The Mennonite magazine. 

Do Justly. Love Mercy. Go Humbly.

Renee Reimer is the Youth regime Director in ~ Rainbow Mennonite Church. 

Immediately, the sound that Patty Shelly’s voice runs across my mind together she sings, “God has presented you, oh people, what is good. And also what go the Lord require of you. But to do justly, love mercy, go humbly through your God.”(Micah Song by Patricia Shelly)

I first heard this tune sitting in chapel my freshman year at Bethel College and also was amazed at exactly how being maybe to song this text carried a totality new meaning to Micah 6:8.

If you understand me well, you know that my enthusiasm for the love the the human being is great; almost too good in part cases. My mind regularly lives in this utopia world where every races, religions, and cultures live together in peace and harmony. A civilization where there is a roof because that every person being and also everyone has enough food on your table. I was as soon as told the this “utopia world” dream I have was unrealistic. In my head ns was thinking, “Well, ns will present you!” on the outside, i smiled and also tried to display a little love.

But folks, over there is a fire in my belly that will not remainder until this corrupt world walks together. One day I will figure out how to support myself by travel the people singing songs of love and also peace and also the civilization will check out that this life is possible.

I feel this fire for the very first time 5 years back on my expedition to Israel/Palestine.

Amidst the conflict, ns heard story of human being saying they carry out not have the privilege of losing hope. “Our blood is the very same color. Our pain is the exact same pain.” How deserve to I then, someone so sheltered and also privileged, lose hope?

Following this life-changing trip to the holy Land i came across the script, My surname is Rachel Corrie, which is composed of works by Rachel Corrie, a tranquility activist who worked in Gaza. Rachel Corrie’s words offered a voice to the feel I had actually no idea of just how to express.

“For a lengthy time i have been operating from a details core assumption that we space all essentially the exact same inside, and that our distinctions are by and huge situational. I know there is a great chance that this presumption is in reality false. But it’s convenient, since it always leads come questions about the way privilege shelters world from consequences of your actions. It’s likewise convenient since it leads to some level of forgiveness, even if it is justified or not.”– Rachel Corrie

I had actually the respect of sharing the collection of Rachel Corrie’s words v others in January that 2013, two years adhering to my return native the holy Land, and also the following summer ~ above a distinct tour to miscellaneous churches and also the Mennonite Church USA convention.

I phone call you all this since this was my trip to permanently having actually this message engraved on mine foot, my

broken foot for the matter.

This tattoo is my continuous reminder come not loosened hope regardless of school, work, life, and the everyday struggles i may confront in life. This is a reminder that through every step I take, I do so through love. To step humbly ~ above this journey. To constantly look for the justice of the world, beyond the daily tasks I have laid the end in prior of me.

At the end of a long day, i take turn off my socks and also see this text and also think, tomorrow is another day to exercise spreading hope, love, and peace. The word practice implies with intention, not perfect, so that ns may proceed to strive to spread out that love.

As ns embark top top my next journey overseas, I no only lug these native in my heart, but also on my walking foot.

A year that mercy

Diane Richardson Spaite attends Rainbow Mennonite Church.

Confession: I began singing about “doing justice, love mercy and also walking humbly” with countless other Steven Curtis Chapman fans that loved his song “The Walk” once it to be released in 1996. If the 90’s popular music Christian struggle admittedly had catchy feel, there to be something about the words i m sorry evoked a sobering reverence within my 15-year old being.

For as lengthy as I deserve to remember, there’s to be a yearning deep within me to surround myself with world who can teach me around justice. It’s mattered so much to me at times I’ve even put myself in the judge’s seat, assuming I recognize the absolutes about facility world concerns or earthy human relationships. In an initiative to earn my own righteousness quite than welcome others, I’ve frequently put intentional distance between myself and also anyone I regarded as having wealth, power or affluence.

However, in the past year, mine life has taken a how amazing turn. Unanticipated medical pertains to and restricted job possibilities in my fields of interest/passion landing me in a permanent job for what ns would take into consideration “corporate America,” communicating regularly through those whose primary motivator is gaue won gain. I’ve unable to do from working solely in metropolitan areas amongst families struggling to make ends satisfy to being surrounding by civilization who have intentionally made selections to remove themselves from gift reminded others live in poverty.

This abrupt change has lugged deep grief however it has also pushed me to seek God in new ways and also to destruction deeper into the well of mercy I discover myself so desperately in need of.

Mother Teresa claims this: 

We have actually no ideal to referee the rich. For our part, what we desire is not a class struggle yet a course encounter, in i beg your pardon the rich save the poor and the negative save the rich.

Thankfully, follow me the method I’ve had the gift of a continuous prayer companion who I linked with with the Ignatian Spirituality facility here in Kansas City. The facility is focused on spirituality direction, following in the means of Ignatius and learning to uncover God in our day-to-day lives. V this experience, I sense something start to shift within mine relationships through my co-workers and also interactions v wealthy clients. I’m starting to feel less inclined to rise up in the judge’s chair and also a softening in mine spirit.

I believe both the rich and also the poor are created in the picture of God. And as someone that was born right into this human being with privilege in methods I never decided for myself, i am really hopeful God’s mercy is additionally for me.

This year the Pope has asserted it to it is in a an international year that Jubilee. In the Pope’s 12-page paper called “The confront of Mercy,” that says: “And, what is it that ‘God likes most?’ Forgiving his children, having mercy on them, in order that they may, in their turn, forgive their brothers and also sisters, shining as torches of oh my god mercy in the world…”

These indigenous have brought me hope and also encouragement to continue to persist in love, looking for ways in which I deserve to participate in oh my gosh restorative justice, refining mercy and also revolutionary humility smack dab in the middle of a firm working in the direction of the creation, protection and increase of an individual wealth.

The profoundness of Scripture and the prophets to me is this: together with the wake-up call delivered to the people, there is always a redemptive course to lug the people earlier to appropriate relationship and also communion through Love. The judge and Micah, as spokespersons because that this secret God, speak through purifying conviction and simultaneously sell a gracious invite of restoration.

If God is truly about redemptive justice in the world, and also we room invited to participate, climate it only seems fitting us may find ourselves in the oddest the places, creating outposts the invitation even for those who appear to have actually it all.

How much justice is enough?

Joshua Chittum attends Rainbow Mennonite Church. 

Last week ns toured the United nations Headquarters in new York City before attending a occupational conference in the heart of Manhattan. In ~ the UN’s vast complicated our tour overview led us v an exhibit that spotlighted the injustices the the world: armed forces expenditures dwarfing humanitarian aide; the reality that it is cheaper to take a life through a landmine 보다 to conserve one indigenous the very same device; artwork native the Arab people highlighting the beauty of cultures outside our own, while fearmongers ravish the senses.

Displayed top top a black pedestal, standing with the load of witness on her shoulders, was Saint Agnes, who was discovered beneath the rubble of a cathedral destroyed by the Fat boy bomb in Nagasaki, Japan. Her whole backside native head come toe to be charred and also molted. Ns looked right into her eyes and tried come imagine the unimaginable. Feeling the pressure of the shock wave that knocked her to the ground. See the sacred room crumbling about her. Touch the warmth of she enflamed exterior.

I longed to remain in she presence–this depiction of damaged lives, of decimating the sacred, the pure injustice. However the tour guide ushered united state along and also time would not allow me to stand confront to confront with her any longer.

It’s as with life. Take it a fleeting look in ~ injustice and also then relocate on as if nothing happened. However that day, standing in ~ a rock saint, a tantrum started to brew the was not satisfied through pushing aside every the ache of the past and also the present.

Intensifying my temper to be a quote by a former UN basic Secretary. Painted in black letters top top a white wall surface it proclaimed the mission of the UN not “to take humanity to heaven, but save humankind from hell.” The ache of the native slowed my step. Though ns cannot succinctly specify justice, merely staying clear of hell does no come close to sufficiency.

Prone come slide into places whereby there is more darkness 보다 light, my mind did just that. I assumed of the civilization in the world and their people hells. The wars. The bombs. The landmines. The four missing. The fleeing. The drowning. The hate. Ns then assumed of the families and children enduring homelessness the I work-related with in mine day job. I believed of their struggles. The mental illness. The violence. The addiction. The hopelessness. And I started to agonize over whether we have actually succeeded in saving humankind from hell.

This angst and obsession remained with me transparent my time in brand-new York. I struggled through feelings the ineptness in mine role, in my organization, mine community, and also this world. The face of Saint Agnes stared in ~ me together I wandered the city streets. She spoke to me. She said me to do something, to litter a tantrum if ns must. Simply as lengthy as i didn’t allow that minute standing before her to become fleeting, to end up being forgotten.

Meanwhile, i tried to emphasis on the learning I was sent out to perform at the conference. However the unjust of youngsters seeing their dreams disintegrate v no error of their own kept spinning in my heart and mind. The absurd shortcomings of ours actions dug its means into mine ear and also played an unstable tune. The lavish fundraisers. The Christmas existing handouts. The heat fuzzies because that those privileged to feeling them in your bellies. The nonprofit industrial complex.

So very little of any type of of this creates justice. So few lives are permitted to live according to their dreams. There’s just the monotony the derelict lots and police chasings. Of lost hope and a competition for the one who hurts the most. I swore in ~ the bromides to acquire through the day. I don’t care around a solitary starfish any type of longer. I only care around the millions dying follow me the shore. Ns don’t care about the planting the one, little seed. I only care that so lot land is barren to begin with.

Listening to all this in mine mind – stuck in a city not known for its peace – my clinical anxiety pinned me to the mat. Fantastical worries around evil gods and falling worlds; the winter reflected nothing yet weakness and also impotence. How have the right to I relocate a serial of sand, yet alone come up with a setup that will certainly act for true justice, quite than spin in place inside a rusted, wired wheel?

I went back to Kansas City drenched in hopelessness. I ongoing my job-related on this blog. Ns rewrote it. I overwrote it. I created it again. The article remained vaguely defiant, however helpless without a plan, other than my desire come rage.Still, there to be a deadline and though ns wasn’t fully satisfied in them, I shared the words. In return, ns was heard. And also comfort was common with me. It took a few days, yet that an easy act placed a candle back in mine hand. The wick is still not lit. However it to be the mercy of another that provided me back what I had dropped. And without the mercy, i have realized there have the right to be no justice.

This struggle over the last couple of weeks stemmed from a place I might not recognize until i heard a quote this morning on the On Being podcast. Organize Krista Tippet quotes Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel together saying,

“I would say around individuals, an individual dies as soon as he ceases to be surprised…When I check out an plot of evil, I’m no accommodated… ns still surprised. That’s why I’m against it, why I can hope against it. We should learn just how to be surprised. No to adjust ourselves. I am the many maladjusted human being in society.” (You can listen come the complete episode here: The spiritual Audacity that Abraham Joshua Heschel.)

I fear that at some point I will end up being well readjusted to injustice. I fear that with that adjustment I will certainly no longer have the ability to act because that its demise. I are afraid that Saint Agnes’ face will be forgotten. I are afraid that i will provide up once the people seems much less interested in finishing justice and an ext interested in pleasures. Mercy was the only way to help me through this.

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Even if we have failed or fail in the future and also find ourselves in the darkness that hell, only together deserve to we uncover stones come strike and also create a spark because that light. Through that light come the hope that even if every little thing we did to be wrong today, tomorrow we may be flourish closer to gaining it right.