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If your final drive manage module has not been updated and also the code is stored your repair process will likely begin with a speed of the FDCM as there is a flash because that the FDCM that doesnt point out applicable dtc"s it simply states "if the code is stored". From over there it might be the transfercase, the FDCM itself, wiring, her 4lo switch....


I had the very same stuff-flashing FCDM did it for me. Ns still don"t agree with having to pay for a re-flash, if it"s characterized in a TSB....
There are tons of factors it could come on, so having actually it scanned is the best way to decide the cause and troubleshoot. When it concerns things like this (or various other things that need the dealer to scan), i wait till I am going there because that something else like an oil change, and then ns ask them if they have the right to just scan it real quick since it is currently in the bay and the tech is currently there. I have actually never had to pay for them to scan and also look something up..
On mine 06 XK, it came on, and also since I perform not use 4x4 in Florida, that didn"t concern me in ~ all. It continued to be on for quite a while prior to I took it in. It had actually a password stored because that clutch wear, yet they looked fine. I had the code cleared and also it has never come back on. Some people have the post come on, and can still communicate 4Lo however some have the right to not. I had actually one that the cases where 4Lo would certainly not interact with the post on. I am not certain if it still had full time 4WD, due to the fact that I never take the XK in a case when it would be needed. I just know i tried to connect 4Lo and it would certainly not.
These are constantly 4wd they cant be shifted into 2wd favor the old ones.When mine popped increase it was just a wheel sensor.

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You think that"s quick................heh...wait till ns hit 5th! -Sir Mix-A-Lot
I"m not as well worried about it due to the fact that it go off, must median its naught major. Additionally have no use for the 4WD best now because it hasn"t snowed any.
2 weeks earlier i purchase rims & tires through sensors,well the sensors were for a 2017 Summit ,mine is a 2014,could the faulty sensors be the reason ...of this post ??