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Earlier this month, I let girlfriend know just how to conserve money in ~ amusement parks.  Here’s one more huge discount on family fun!

FatWallet reports a flash revenue from six Flags v September 5, 2016, with discounts of ~70% off 2017 season passes and monthly memberships.

This is a good deal for folks who room planning multiple trips to six Flags. Since tickets right into the park can price ~$50 for a day pass, depending ~ above which ar you visit!

Use Your six Flags Season pass at 13 various Theme Parks for the remainder of 2016 and every one of 2017’s operation Season

I’ll show you the perks of this sale, therefore you deserve to decide if it’s precious it because that you!

Take benefit of six Flags flash Sale because that Big Discounts!

Link: six Flags flash Sale

Six Flags has actually published their third annual speed sale, i beg your pardon ends on September 5, 2016.

Season passes, which usually price $170, are only $50. And monthly memberships, typically ~$14, are only ~$4!

When friend buy a 2017 season pass, you’ll get admission for the rest of 2016, too! and also when you buy during the flash sale you’ll acquire other perks, like:

Free update to Gold PassFree parking in 2016 and 2017Bring a friend for totally free on choose dates$300 worth that in-park discounts

You have the right to use your six Flags pass at too many of different parks, like Six Flags America, Baltimore/Washington DC, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, san Antonio, and Six Flags good America, Chicago.

Note: girlfriend must pick up her passes or member cards at your nearest park to obtain the Gold pass upgrade, cost-free parking, and bonus vacation in the Park or girlfriend ticket. Dates vary through location, so be sure to check before you purchase a season pass or membership.

There is also a private offer accessible to present season happen holders.

Pay With the appropriate Card!

Make certain to buy your passes with the best credit cards for this reason you’re not leaving point out on the table!

The Citi Premier Card and Citi prestige both market 2X points for to chat purchases prefer amusement parks.

I likewise recommend the Citi dual Cash Card, i beg your pardon earns 1% cash earlier when you make a purchase, and another 1% cash back when you pay off her bill.

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Let me recognize if you purchase season passes or a membership to six Flags!