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There will Come Soft Rains

Sara Teasdale





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Something told the wild geeseIt to be time to go.Though the areas lay goldenSomething whispered,—”Snow.”Leaves were green and stirring,Berries, luster-glossed,But beneath warm feathersSomething cautioned,—”Frost.”All the sagging orchardsSteamed through amber spice,But each wild chest stiffenedAt psychic ice.Something called the wild geeseIt was time to fly,—Summer sunlight was on their wings,Winter in their cry.

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This poem is about the moment when wild geese know they have to fly south and migrate come warmer lands because that the winter. You could like to perform some research into the long and also amazing journeys birds walk on once they migrate.

Make a note of the words in the city which make united state think the summer and the words i beg your pardon make united state think the winter. How plenty of summer words room there? How plenty of winter words?

How deserve to you use your voice to show the warm, drowsy setting of so late summer but additionally make sure your listener take notice of the essential words, “Snow” and “Frost”. Look at at how those words have actually a dash before them encouraging girlfriend to slow down and also to emphasize those words.

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The last two lines cite “Summer” and also “Winter” directly. Shot to convey the mystery surrounding migration in ~ this transforming point in the year.