couple of songs have come to be as identified with the movie they"ve showed up in as lot as The Verve"s "Bittersweet Symphony" and also 1999"s Cruel Intentions.

the course, music has always been one of the many important and also memorable aspects of film and also television. Of course, outlandishly wealthy Celine Dion"s Titanic song, "My Heart will certainly Go On", is probably the many famous. Climate there are all the James Bond songs, consisting of Billie Eilish"s upcoming song for No Time to Die. Also the theme song for Jeopardy is component of pop culture history.

But, in regards to the 1990s, you don"t acquire much more iconic than The Verve"s "Bittersweet Symphony" at the finish of Cruel Intentions. Of course, the soundtrack of the Reese Witherspoon, buy it Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and also Selma Blair film is packed with stellar "90s songs. Yet the director of the teenager drama forked out a ton that money to usage The Verve hit.

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that actually expense them 10% of their entire budget...

Here"s why gaining the song was so essential to him...

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"Bittersweet Symphony" Was almost Literally part Of The Script

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The soundtrack from Cruel Intentions attributes such 1990s access time such as Blur"s "Coffee & TV", The counting Crow"s "Colorblind", and also Fatboy Slim"s "Praise You", but "Bittersweet Symphony" is the movie"s crown jewel... It"s also the only song (that we recognize of) the writer/director i get it Kumble composed for.

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Cruel Intentions is based on the 1782 novel "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, a novel about two narcissistic elites who usage the power of seduction to exploit and totally control others. The novel has been adjusted before, most notably the Academy Award-winning 1988 film Dangerous Liaisons i m sorry starred glen Close, john Malkovich, Uma Thurman, and Keanu Reeves... If friend haven"t viewed that movie, run... Don"t walk.

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however a modern, Upper eastern Side adaptation required a lot much more re-writing... And, like many writers, roger Kumble supplied music to propel him, according to W Magazine. The envisioned the song, which came out in 1997, as the finishing song and it assisted him translate in the events and montage that occurs in the final moments the this erotic, moving, and also downright deliciously to chat movie.

The rolling Stones... Yes... The roll Stones Made points Really challenging For "Cruel Intentions"

"Bittersweet Symphony" to be released by The Verve (who are also known because that their tune "History") in their 1997 album referred to as "Urban Hymns". It"s to be used numerous times in various other pop culture phenomenons such as The Simpsons and even ~ above CW"s Riverdale. But it owes much of its success come Cruel Intentions.

but it wasn"t simple for roger Kumble and Columbia photos to gain the civil liberties to usage it. In fact, things came to a allude where that didn"t look prefer they might use the track at all. Even though roger Kumble had constantly envisioned the track in his movie, and it greatly influenced his last scene where Reese Witherspoon"s personality reveals the reality of buy it Michelle Gellar"s character to their whole community, that didn"t look favor he can use it.

according to W Magazine, this is since the rights to the song expense 10% of the movie"s entire $10.5 million budget. And every one of this was because of The rolling Stones.

after ~ "Bittersweet Symphony" to be released in 1997, The rolling Stones" former manager (Allen Klein) drew The Verve right into a lawsuit because that plagiarism. This is due to the fact that "Bittersweet Symphony" purposely sampled a portion of one orchestral sheathe of The rolling Stones" "The last Time" by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra. Of course, The Verve licensed this part of the cover. However, Klein, who stood for The rolling Stones throughout the time "The critical Time" to be released, believes the The Verve took an ext than they paid for.

follow to W Magazine, Allen Klein finished up suing The Verve and also ended up gaining all royalties indigenous the song and handing them end to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. This gave them credit for "Bittersweet Symphony" alongside The Verve"s Richard Ashcroft who wrote the song.

On peak of this, it take it A most money out of The Verve"s pockets.

This is miscellaneous Richard Ashcroft is tho furious about, and also thus why the use of his tune is for this reason expensive.

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Therefore, securing "Bittersweet Symphony" because that Cruel Intentions was a nightmare. Still, according to an oral history of the movie by Entertainment Weekly, the stars aligned and also they controlled to gain the song into the movie... ~ shelling out about a million dollars, the course...

"The song expense close to a million dollars, i beg your pardon was probably 10 percent the the budget,” producer Neal Moritz claimed to Entertainment Weekly. "It was well worth it."

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