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Do girlfriend remember the words, "hold the pickle, hold the lettuce?"

What’s the following line?

“Special orders don’t upset us – all us ask is that you allow us have actually it her way.”

About 25 years ago Burger King came out v their "Have it her Way" campaign where if you wanted fast food girlfriend didn’t have actually to get it still they made it, you could have a hamburger made especially for you.

And we liked that.

We wanted that hamburger made particularly for us, our way. That’s the sort of world we are, us love customization. We choose things gift tailor made, fit just for us.

The difficulty is that we don’t protect against with material customization, we also want it in our spiritual lives.

We choose our church customized come fit our needs.

We choose our worship company customized simply to our precise taste.

Unfortunately, we also want a God that is customized come conform to our preferences. We want a God that does the our method and that’s a problem. Since God has actually a habit of doing points his way.

Two various secular publications have actually written recently about today’s see of God and the church.

The first comes native Los Angeles Magazine, it is an post called God for Sale. The writer says, "It is no surprised that once today’s rich young professionals return to church they want to perform it only on their very own terms. Yet what is impressive is how much the churches room going come oblige them."

And a recent write-up in Newsweek defined today’s Christians through these words: "They’ve developed a pick and choose Christianity in which people take what lock want and also pass end what does no fit their spiritual goals, and what numerous have left behind is a feeling of their own sin."

You see we desire spirituality.

We desire God.

We just want that on our very own terms.

We want a God the does it our way.

But it is not simply true the us, that’s been true of every age. Even on the an initial Palm Sunday, 2000 years ago, they had actually that exact same problem.

In our brand-new Testament lesson because that today, we review Mark’s description of the very first Palm Sunday, what we often speak to the Triumphal Entry.

It happened throughout the time of Passover, in reality right before Passover. Passover was the best celebration that the Jewish people.

Jews would often make it your goal in life to walk to Jerusalem at the very least once because that the Passover. Therefore on this Palm Sunday simply a couple of days prior to Passover began, the pilgrims were currently flooding right into Jerusalem. They made their way along the dusty roads to Jerusalem, the capital city, the place where God self dwelt in his temple. That was also a time the expectation – when the human being would acquire excited around the possibility that someday – someday – possibly today -- the Messiah would certainly come.

The Messiah! The one sent out by God to free the people.

The Messiah! The one who would overthrow Rome and also give freedom to the Jews.

The Messiah! therefore expectant were the human being that households would conference to memory Passover meals in homes and they would certainly leave a ar at the table for the Messiah.

It was right into that mix that expectation and also enthusiasm and also emotion the we check out Jesus acquiring a donkey and riding the from the mountain of Olives right into Jerusalem (which by the method was in fulfillment that a prophecy from ours Old testimony lesson indigenous Zechariah: “Behold Jerusalem, her King involves you riding on a donkey." So here is Jesus, fulfilling this messianic prophecy as he rides right into Jerusalem amidst the fanfare of the pilgrims all about him. And also the pilgrims, they see this and also they think, "could this it is in the Messiah?" and also their hopes gain the much better of them and also they start to tide their palm branches, and also they sing songs, and also they shout your praises come Jesus as he enters right into Jerusalem.

Remember their words, "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the surname of the Lord." Those are quotes from Psalm 118, verses 25 and 26, among the psalms the the pilgrims would certainly sing together they made their means up come Jerusalem. Yet they walk on to shout, "Blessed is the coming kingdom the our father David."

You see the Messiah to be to it is in the son of David, one ancestor that King David, the greatest of all emperors of Israel. And the messiah was to regain his an excellent kingdom. The human being give away your thoughts and also intentions by the worship they give. Your expectation because that Jesus was the he to be coming together a conquering general-king to totally free them indigenous oppression.

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But the is only a couple of pages later on in the Gospel of note that the people adjust their tune.