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Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats because that Xbox

Unlockable functions Unlockable Unlockable finish Geonosis clear the assault Ship Complete project 3
Foley Feature
Special Ops Feature
Temvera Morrison Interview
Contributed by: lilobaggins

God setting

When the video game is paused, go into the code. You will hear a sound and also you will acquire more/full ammo in your present weapons.

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impact Effect Y, Y, Left trigger, Up, X, Black, X, Y
God Mode

Contributed by: JustDave

more Ammo

When the video game is paused, get in the code. You will certainly hear a sound and you will obtain more/full ammo in your present weapons.

impact Effect Y, Y, X, Down, right trigger, Left trigger, best trigger, up
More Ammo in current Weapons

Contributed by: jfhkdjfhkd

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name document Size general FAQs basic FAQs basic FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough by Noxious_Rebel 118K
FAQ/Walkthrough through Subliminal Celsius 56K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Grawl 97K

Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats for PC

find a lightsaber

There is a lightsaber in the RAS Prosecutor campaign, level: "Alone". When you gain to one of the blocked areas where you have to breach it, turn about and shot find a vent. Inside there is a dead trooper through a lightsaber arguing he might have tried making use of it. You hear you yourself saying something about "what friend get" and also "An elegant weapon for a much more civilised time. Heh. Well... Times have actually changed.".

Contributed by: hylian_loach

3rd Person watch in a Multiplayer game

When in Multiplayer, sign up with a game, and also select her team or enter and also play. Then open up the console by pushing the ~ key. Kind the following:set input b togglebehindviewThen hit enter and exit out of the console by pushing ~ again. Then, push the "b" key and your view will it is in in 3rd person. This renders your game playing harder, yet it"s cool and can be fun.

Contributed by: Flash_Grenade

watch the movie in the extras section

Without actually unlocking them, girlfriend can quickly watch them by going right into where-ever you installed the game to. Eg. C:/ProgramFiles/Lucasarts/StarWarsRepublicCommando. Then enter GameData and also then Movies. For this reason it would look prefer C:/ProgramFiles/Lucasarts/StarWarsRepublicCommando/Gamedata/Movies/You deserve to now check out all the movie from the extra section here.

Contributed by: langthor


Press ` during gameplay.

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impact Effect Lamasu Behindview # loaded AllWeapons Fierfek ViewBot SmiteEvil BlindEnemies # DeafEnemies # Ghost FreezeFrame # PlayersOnly fly TheMatulaakLives KillPawns HOG LockCamera Invisible # Darman to walk ViewSelf recovery Changesize # SetSpeed # SetGravity # SetJumpz # Stat FPS Stat game suicide Teleport Slomo #
3rd Person, 1 for on, 0 for off
All explosives, full ammo, and almost every one of the secondary weapons appear below you.
All weapons
ammo cheat
Cycle thru bots
Destroys all adversaries in screen
Enemies blind. 1 for on, 0 for off
Enemies walk deaf. 1 because that on, 0 because that off
Fly and Walk v everything
Freezes ~ # seconds
Freezes everything but you
gives you the capacity to fly
God mode
Kill various other members of Delta Squad
Kills everything your reticle point out to
Locks the camera
Makes friend invisible. 1 for on, 0 for off
next level?
Oppisite of the "Fly" cheat, brings you earlier to ground
Return to your very own body
revives yourself
Scale player size
Sets game speed. Very same as slowmo?
Sets Gravity
Sets how high girlfriend jump
Show FPS
Shows game stats
Teleports come reticle
Where # is placed a number come spped increase or sluggish down the game

Contributed by: hylian_loach, Slart, That_One_Feller, Kyle Katarn 600, GTA Assassin X, kcp12, DaBomb2000

Unlockable attributes

Complete the following campaigns for the following unlockable stuff;

Unlockable Unlockable Complete campaign 1 Complete project 2 Complete campaign 3
Foley Feature
Spec Ops Feature
Temvera Morrison Interview

Contributed by: Grawl

God-mode in Demo

Use a text-editor prefer Notepad, and also find the file "user.ini" in the systemdirectory that the game. Readjust these lines:

result Effect From: DamageModifierEasy=0.25 From: DamageModifierHard=1.75 From: DamageModifierMedium=1
To: DamageModifierEasy=0.0
To: DamageModifierHard=0.0
To: DamageModifierMedium=0

Contributed by: Grawl

Walkthroughs & FAQs

type Name file Size general FAQs general FAQs basic FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough by Noxious_Rebel 118K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Subliminal Celsius 56K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Grawl 97K