Proven to assist students construct reading strategies essential for college success, Ten steps to enhancing College reading Skills is the many widely used text in the acclaimed Ten Steps analysis series. Currently in a brand-new edition, the text remains the best book easily accessible to prepare students because that the requirements of college reading.

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Key functions of the Ten Steps Series

Focus top top the basics.  The publication is designed to explain, in a clear, step-by-step way, the essential elements of each skill. Countless examples are detailed to ensure that students recognize each point. In general, the emphasis is on to teach the skills—not simply on explaining them and not just on testing them.

Frequent practice and feedback.  Because numerous practice and also careful feedback are important to learning, this book includes countless activities. Student can obtain immediate feedback ~ above the practice exercises in component One by turning to the limited answer an essential at the ago of the book. The answers to the review and mastery test in component One, the reading concerns in part Two, and the relationships and combined-skills exam in part Three space in the Instructor’s Edition and the Instructor"s Manual.

High interest level.  Dull and also unvaried readings and exercises work versus learning. Students need to experience real interest and enjoyment in what lock read. Teachers also should be able to take satisfied in the selections, for their own good feeling about them can bring over favorably into class work. The readings in the book, then, have been preferred not only for the appropriateness of their analysis level but also for your compelling content. Lock should engage students and teachers alike.

Ease of use.  The logical succession in every chapter—from explanation to example to practice to review tests to mastery tests—helps do the an abilities easy come teach. The book’s organization into distinct parts also makes because that ease the use. In ~ a single class, for instance, instructors can work on a certain skill in component One, review an additional skill through one or more mastery tests, and provide selection by having actually students read among the selections in part Two. The minimal answer key at the ago of the book additionally makes for versatility: the teacher deserve to assign components of part chapters because that self-teaching. Finally, the mastery tests—each ~ above its own tear-out page—and the combined-skills tests make it a straightforward matter because that a teacher come test and also evaluate student progress.

Integration the skills. Student do an ext than discover the skills individually in Part One. They additionally learn to use the skills together v the reading selections in components One and also Two as well as the combined-skills tests in component Three. They become effective readers and thinkers with repeated practice in applying a combination of skills.

Thinking activities. reasoning activities—in the form of outlining, mapping, and summarizing—are a distinctive attribute of the book. In addition, four conversation questions in ~ the finish of every reading an option encourage college student reflection, as do the writing tasks that are noted for each selection.

Available electronic resources. This text can be purchase with Ten Steps Plus, a subscription-based repertoire of digital materials including interactive exercises, mastery tests, assessments, bonus readings, instructional videos, eBooks* the the entire Ten actions Series, and more than 100 Townsend Library titles. Click here to learn much more about subscription options, consisting of discounted digital/textbook bundles.

*eBooks are not had with Ten Steps Plus LE (Limited Edition).

Efficacy Report. Results from a research that examined the impact of the Townsend Press Ten Steps Series top top students" reading an abilities in greater education developmental reading courses are obtainable (full report, short report). This examine was performed by an independent research firm.


Changes in the saturday Edition

• brand-new Readings. Ten the the twenty readings in the publication are new. Titles encompass "The power of Kindness," "The biggest Misconception around College Students," "The Opioid dilemm in America," and also "The 4 Pillars the Meaning." 

• Fresh Materials. Many of the i models and practice materials have been freshened or replaced, and also seven that the twenty-five combined-skills tests space revised or new.

• Updated and also Expanded Digital Offerings. Mastery tests and alternate Mastery tests for every levels of Ten actions Plus were update in late 2018. Coming in loss 2019, exercises in Ten measures Plus will likewise be freshened. In addition, every the digital content of College analysis Essentials--including Independent Study--is coming to Ten procedures PlusStay tuned.


Preface: come the Instructor INTRODUCTION 1 how to end up being a much better Reader and also Thinker 2 analysis for Pleasure and Power 3 Some rapid Study advice PART ONE Ten procedures to enhancing College Reading an abilities 1 Vocabulary in Context Reading: The strength of kindness Mastery test 2 Main Ideas  Reading: Time to Unplug? Mastery Tests3 Supporting Details Reading: Child-Rearing Styles Mastery Tests Implied main Ideas Reading: Rowing the Bus Mastery Tests5 Relationships I Reading: From Crayons come Chemo, He"s back by her Side Mastery tests 6 Relationships II Reading: Students in Shock Mastery Tests7 Inferences Reading: Relationships in the 21st Century Mastery exam 8 Purpose and also Tone Reading: The Scholarship Jacket Mastery Tests9 Argument Reading: The biggest Misconception about College Students. Mastery Tests10 an essential Reading Reading: The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug Mastery TestsPART TWOTen analysis Selections

1 The True definition of Love 2 Sleepless in America 3 Not If, But When 4 The Opioid dilemm in America 5 Vulnerable areas in the Marital mediate 6 Coping with Nervousness7 Compliance Techniques: Getting world to say Yes8 Lizzie Borden9 The four Pillars of definition 10 The strength Within

PART THREE Relationships and also Combined-Skills Tests

1. Relationships Tests2. Combined-Skills TestsAppendixes  Pronunciation guide Writing Assignments  limited Answer Key

Supplementary Materials

Ten steps to boosting College reading Skills, 7/e, includes the complying with supplements:

Print Supplement

This text attributes an annotated Instructor’s Editionwhich is the same to the student book except the it gives answers to every practices and tests. The Instructor"s Edition also includes useful hints and annotations to aid teachers frame lessons. The Instructor"s Edition is free by request to educators with a class adoption the 20 or more books.

Digital Supplements

1. An Instructor’s Manual and also Test Bank includes teaching suggestions, a version syllabus, and readability levels because that the text and its analysis selections. Accessible to educators in the discovering Center, this PDF supplement also contains four extr mastery tests because that each that the an abilities taught in component One—all on sheets that can be replicated or printed for use through students.

2.  PowerPoint presentations have been crafted to teach crucial skills and also concepts straight to students. These PowerPoints are obtainable to instructors in the Learning Center and also can be offered with or without the text.

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3. Ten Steps Plus is a subscription-based collection of an effective digital sources that teach college analysis skills. Based on the proven pedagogy that the Ten procedures SeriesTen Steps Plus includes interaction exercises, mastery tests, assessments, and instructional videos come equip students for success in the classroom and beyond. Click here to learn more about Ten measures Plus.

To obtain Supplements

Print supplements have the right to be obtained quickly by contacting Townsend Press. Call us toll-free in ~ 800-772-6410 or e-mail our customer support team at (cs Digital supplements are free to educators v a valid instructor account in the finding out Center. Get yours here.