Than Merrill is among the foremost genuine estate investors and also educators in the country. 보다 Merrill has actually over 15 years of experienced experience in the actual estate investment and lending industry. He is the founder and principal in several real estate investment companies and also has been involved in over $1 billion of residential and also commercial genuine estate investments throughout that time frame.

In the last 2 years alone his service providers have gained over $300 million dollars precious of residential and commercial real estate approximately the country. His newest company, equity Street capital was established to focus on large scale commercial genuine estate invest with lengthy term capital growth and is proactively growing its investment portfolio. Than’s residential genuine estate business, CT houses LLC, redevelops between 25 come 40 single family and also multi-family jobs at a time. His commercial real estate invest company, equity Street Capital, repurchase apartment communities, retail shopping centers, and office properties.

Than is also a country recognized professional in actual estate investing, genuine estate education, entrepreneurship, and marketing. A sought-after speaker, 보다 Merrill has actually shared the stage with speakers such as former first lady Laura Bush, Tony Robbins, buy it Palin, Donald Trump, and also Robert Kiyosaki.

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Born in Fresno, CA, than attended Yale university where he additionally played football. ~ graduating, than was drafted right into the NFL and played through the Chicago Bears and also Tampa only Buccaneers.

After football Than found he can be together passionate around real heritage investing together he was with football. He began CT Homes, llc a actual estate investing organization in new Haven, CT v two long-time friend Paul Esajian and Konrad Sopielnikow.

With the success of his business Than to be asked come speak at many real estate conferences approximately the country. Than uncovered he loved teaching and sharing his knowledge with aspiring investors. In 2006, he established FortuneBuilders, a genuine estate educational company dedicated to offering students the training, resources and also systems to successfully invest in actual estate.

A few years later Than was approached through A&E to it is in the brand-new Haven actors of the hit TV reality display “Flip this House.” each episode recorded Than and also his company partner Paul as they flipped nature in new Haven, CT and San Diego, CA. Than shot countless seasons v the show as it to be the very first reality real estate present of the kind and also it has since helped spawn numerous other real estate fact shows.

Than Merrill and his partners expanded their real estate and educational companies, and opened workplaces in mountain Diego, CA where he now resides.

In 2014, 보다 the finest selling genuine estate investing book, The real Estate Wholesaling Bible, released by Wiley Publishing. In the first week, the book ended up being a bestseller on Amazon and also has ongoing to garner an excellent reviews.

Following the success of the Wholesaling Bible, 보다 collaborated v E-Myth writer Michael E. Gerber, to create The E-Myth real Estate Investor, one more bestseller released in autumn of 2015.

FortuneBuilders’ students throughout the nation are recognize success in their very own real heritage businesses and also they love celebrating their successes. 보다 has additionally started a genuine estate brokerage and real estate invest fund, Grand coast Capital, in recent years.

Than loves spending time through his family, wife Cindy and also their two children Tyce and Sky. He right now spends most of his complimentary time changing diapers, do the efforts to number out the cure for hair loss, and also trying to absent his coffee habit.

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Than is passionate around philanthropy and in addition to his mam Cindy, began Equal Footing Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to educating and also promoting health and also sports for youth. As former skilled athletes, both Than and also Cindy think in the prestige of health, sports, coaching and education because that children. In addition to the equal Footing Foundation, than initiated FortuneBuilders Gives, a firm effort to provide charitable and volunteering opportunities to every the members the his companies.

To contact Than Merrill or inquire about interview and speaking methods please contact: press
fortunebuilders.com. You can follow than Merrill on Instagram or ~ above Twitter or visit than Merrill’s Facebook