What happens as soon as you type the indigenous ‘Drnik’ instead of ‘Drink’ in Excel?

You would notice that Excel will autocorrectthat misspelled word come Drink (as displayed below).

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This will open the Autocorrect choices dialog box.


Let me define the different tabs in the Autocorrect dialog box and the choices in these.

Autocorrect options Tab

In the Autocorrect alternatives tab, there space some options that are enabled by default and also take treatment of some usual issues.


While these autocorrect alternatives are amazing, periodically you might want the to no act at sight smart and correct this automatically.

For example, if you have actually the brand name ATs (where the ‘s’ is in lower case), Excel would immediately convert it right into ‘Ats’.

While you like the autocorrect continue in all other cases, if you desire to exclude this particular case, you deserve to do that.

In the Autocorrect tab, click the exceptions tab.


In the Autocorrect exceptions dialog box, you have the right to have two varieties of exception:

First Letter: by default, Excel capitalizes the alphabet after the duration (dot). Friend can provide some exceptions below (there is currently a list for typical exceptions). Initial Caps: If you don’t desire ATs to be convert to Ats, you can specify that here.


Autoformat as You form Tab

This tab has three options (all of which space enabled). I find all these three alternatives useful.

Replace together you type: when you enter any type of hyperlinks in a cell, the would instantly be converted right into a hyperlink. I sometimes disable this option as i often finish up clicking the cell which climate takes a couple of seconds and also then opens the connect in the browser.


Actions Tab

In Microsoft applications, friend can create an action based top top a details word or text.

In Excel, over there is only one type of action easily accessible – i beg your pardon is date action.

A day action way that if you have actually a date in a cell in Excel, you can right-click and also you’ll gain a few actions that you deserve to take because that that day (such as display that day in calendar or schedule a conference in Outlook).

This could be useful if you have a list of dates and want to conveniently save some in her calendar or want to schedule a meeting (using Outlook).

This option is disabled by default and also you have actually to enable it to have the ability to use the in Excel.


Once enabled, girlfriend will be able to use that Excel. If you have a day in a cell, simply right-click and also you’ll uncover the actions choices at the bottom.


mathematics Autocorrect Tab

Just like you have the right to insert signs in an Excel cabinet (such together Delta, Degree, or Checkmark), you can likewise insert math signs in one equation.

This tab has some text that immediately converts right into the specified math symbol. Because that example, if you kind sigma, that will replace it v the σ symbol.


Note the this will not job-related in the cells in the worksheet. It only works with equations.

How to add Your own Words to Excel Autocorrect?

Wish there weresome words the were a component of autocorrect?

For example, let’s to speak you desire to add the word ‘drikn’ to autocorrect so the it corrects it come ‘drink’.

You deserve to use the listed below steps to include a word to autocorrect:

click the record tab. Click on Options. In the alternatives dialog box, select Proofing. Click on the ‘AutoCorrect Options’ button. In the Autocorrect dialog box, get in the following: Replace:drikn With: drink
Click add Click OK.

Now, when you kind ‘drikn’ in Excel, it will certainly autocorrect it to ‘drink’.

Before I show you part cool examples to usage this, here are a few things you should know about Autocorrect in Excel:

Autocorrect perform is instance sensitive. This method that girlfriend have added the native ‘drikn’ to be changed by ‘drink’, it would only occupational with the lower instance word. If you enter ‘Drikn’ or ‘DRIKN’, it will not be corrected. This adjust is saved in Excel and would existeven if you close the workbook and also open again. If girlfriend no much longer want this, you must go and delete it manually. The adjust happens only once the precise word is used. For example, if you usage ‘drikns’, it will not it is in autocorrected. Because that it come work, the word should not have characters just before or after ~ it. Once you specify an autocorrect in Excel, it automatically gets triggered in various other MS applications such together MS indigenous or ms PowerPoint.

Autocorrect was produced as a way to correct usual spelling errors. Yet you can additionally use the in some awesome ways to conserve time.

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Example 1: use Autocorrect to finish Abbreviations

Imagine friend workfor a agency ‘ABCTechnology coporation, group Limited’.

Your work requires a most data entry in Excel and also you have to manually form fullcompany name many times in a day.

No matter how quick you type, this would feel choose a waste of time.

Wouldn’t youwish there was a method where you deserve to just go into ABC (or every little thing you want), and excel replacesit through thecompany’s name?

This is wherein the awesomeness that Autocorrect deserve to help.

You have the right to specify one abbreviation in Autocorrect, and also whenever you use that abbreviation, Excel would instantly convert that right into the specified text.

For example, you can specify that whenever you form ABC, Excel should automatically replace it v ‘ABCTechnology corporation Limited’.

Something as displayed below:


This happens as soon as you include an autocorrect in Excel where ABC need to be repair to” (as shown listed below in the autocorrect dialog box).


What if you want to insert ABC and not the complete name?

In instance you don’t desire the autocorrect to change ABC come the full name, simply hit control + Z to get back ABC.

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While using regulate + Z works, it’s finest to select an abbreviation i m sorry you’re i can not qualify to use in your work. This ensures there is no chance of you getting the full name by wrong (when all you want was the abbreviation text).

Below space some scenarios wherein this autocorrect trick deserve to save a the majority of time:

You deserve to enter paper names or folder names easily (instead of copy-pasting that every time). If you have a list of team members, you can use their initials to enter their name quickly.