1. Equalforces are used to relocate blocks A and B across the floor. Block A has actually twice themass the block B, yet block B moves twice the distance relocated by block A. Whichblock has the higher amount of work-related done on it?

a. BlockA.

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b. BlockB.

c. Thesame quantity of work-related is done on both blocks.

d. BlockA or B relying on the weight of the blocks.

2. Astring is used to pull a block across the floor as displayed in the figure. Is the total force associated in doingwork, or just a part of the force?


a. Thetotal force F is connected in doing work.

b. Aportion the is same to the horizontal ingredient of F is associated in doingwork.

c. Aportion the is equal to the vertical component of F is connected in law work.

d. Noportion the F is associated in law work.

3. Inthe case shown in the previous question, expect there is a friction forceas the block slides across the floor. Go this force do work on the block?

a. No;the occupational done by the friction force is zero in this case.

b. No;the friction pressure is not parallel to the direction of motion and no job-related willbe done.

c. Yes;the friction pressure will do negative work ~ above the block.

d. Yes;the friction force will execute positive work-related on the block.

4. Apendulum is pulled ago from equilibrium (center) position and then released.What form of energy is included to the mechanism prior to its release?

a. Gravitationalpotential energy.

b. Kineticenergy.

c. Elasticpotential energy.

d. Chemicalenergy.

5. Considerthe pendulum that the previous question. In ~ what point out in the activity of thependulum after release is its kinetic power the greatest?

a. Atthe suggest of release.

b. Atthe center of motion.

c. Atthe midpoint between center and also the suggest of release.

d. Atthe midpoint in between the center and the suggest of preferably height.

6. A 200-kg absent is pulled at a continuous speed out of a wellof depth 20 meter in 4 secs by a motor. The power used by the engine is

a. 4000watts.

b. 9800watts.

c. 1000watts.

d. 16000watts.

7. A 100-kg crate is moved with a force of 35 lb. If package is displaced by 6 meters, theamount of job-related done on the box is:

a. 3500ft.lb.

b. 600 kg.m.

c. 210Joules.

d. 924Joules.

8. Ifthe box of previous question is raised to a height of 1.5 meters, the potentialenergy is:

a. 1470Joules.

b. 150Joules.

c. Zero.

d. 3500Joules.

9. Ifthe box of previous inquiry is dropped, that K.E. Right prior to coming come restis:

a. 1470Joules.

b. 150Joules.

c. Zero.

d. 3500Joules.

10.A lawn mower engine israted together 5 hp. This means that theengine:

a. Canperform 5 joules of job-related per second.

b. Canperform 3730 joules of occupational per second.

c. Canperform 550 joules of work-related per second.

d. Canperform 746 joules of work-related per second.

11. Awoman walk 160 J of work-related to relocate a table 4 m throughout the floor by using ahorizontal force. What is the magnitude of the force that the mrs applied?

a. 160N.

b. 40N.

c. 640N.

d. 4N.

12. Arope uses a horizontal force of 180 N to traction a crate a street of 2 macross the floor. A frictional force of 120 N opposes this motion. What is thework done by the rope?

a. 180J.

b. 120J.

c. 360J.

d. 240J.

13. Inthe previous question, what is the magnitude of job-related done by the frictionforce?

a. 180J.

b. 120J.

c. 360J.

d. 240J.

14. Inthe previous question, what is the full work done on the crate?

a. 180J.

b. 120J.

c. 360J.

d. 240J.

15. A0.4-kg ball has actually a velocity the 20 m/s. What is the kinetic power of the ball?

a. 8J.

b. 100J.

c. 50J.

d. 80J.

16. Howmuch job-related is required to prevent the sphere of the previous question?

a. 8J.

b. 100J.

c. 50J.

d. 80J.

17. Whichrequires much more work: lifting a 2-kg absent to a elevation of 4 m withoutacceleration, or accelerating the exact same rock horizontally from remainder to a speedof 10 m/s?

a. Liftingthe rock.

b. Acceleratingthe rock.

c. Bothrequire very same amount the work.

d. Acceleratingthe rock due to the fact that the forced work for lifting that is zero.

18. Ignoring air resistance, what is the kinetic power of a 2-kg round dropped from remainder after 1 second?

a. 19.6 J.

b. 9.80 J

c. 96 J

d. 14.7 J

19. A automobile traveling in ~ a speed of 40 km/hr increases its speedto 80 km/hr. As a an outcome its kineticenergy increases:

a. 2times.

b. 4times.

c. 8times.

d. Staysthe same.

20. The unit of energy in the metric mechanism (SI) is:

a. Newton.

b. Ft.lb.

c. Joule.

d. Watt.

21. Doesthe size of time that a force acts upon an object have any kind of effect on thestrength of the advertise produced?

a. Yes,the impulse is directly proportional to the moment of contact.

b. Yes,the advertise is inversely proportional to the time of contact.

c. No,the impulse is live independence of the moment of the contact.

d. Noneof the above.

22. Isit feasible for a baseball to have as huge a momentum together a much an ext massivebowling ball?

a. Thebowling sphere will always have a bigger momentum 보다 a baseball.

b. Sincethe bowling round is much heavier, the baseball will constantly have a largermomentum.

c. Ifthe baseball has actually a sufficiently large velocity, it could have the samemomentum.

d. Theonly time the they have the very same momentum is once they are at rest.

23. Whatis the advantage of a padded dashboard compared to a strict dashboard inreducing injuries during collision?

a. Paddeddashboards increase the time that contact, i m sorry reduces the pressure of injury.

b. Paddeddashboards decrease the moment of contact, which reduces the pressure of injury.

c. Paddeddashboards diminish the velocity that crash, which reduces the force of injury.

d. Paddeddashboards minimize the impulse, i beg your pardon reduces the pressure of injury.

24. Acompact car and also a large truck have actually a head-on collision. During the collision,which auto experiences a larger pressure of impact?

a. Thetruck.

b. Thecompact car.

c. Bothexperience the same affect force.

d. Wecannot say. It counts on the velocity of the collision.

25. Inthe previous question, which car experiences a higher impulse?

a. Thetruck.

b. Thecompact car.

c. Bothexperience the same impulse.

d. Wecannot say. It counts on the velocity of the collision.

26. Inthe vault question, which auto experiences the greater acceleration?

a. Thetruck.

b. Thecompact car.

c. Bothexperience the very same acceleration.

d. Wecannot say. It relies on the velocity the the collision.

27. In order to mitigate the "sting" in catching a hardball one usually:

a. Increasesmomentum change.

b. Increasesthe call force.

c. Increasesthe impulse.

d. Increasethe contact time.

28. Whatis the inert of a 1200-kg vehicle traveling v a rate 27 m/s?

a. 32400 kg.m/s.

b. 1200kg.

c. 11760N.

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d. 27m/s.

29. A0.12-kg ball traveling v a rate of 40 m/s is lugged to rest in a catcher"smitt in a time that 0.2 seconds. What is the size of the pressure exerted through theball ~ above the mitt?