10 points That never Made Sense about The an enig Life of The American teenager The mystery Life that the American Teenager deserve to be entertaining v its drama, however plenty the its plots and also characters don"t do sense.

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abc Family, currently Freeform, has been right into the teenager drama genre for a lengthy time. Mirrors like Make the or rest It and The an enig Life that the American Teenager are few of the many well known. The latter is renowned for its portrayal the teenage sex and pregnancy.

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People who watched The an enig Life when it initially aired fondly remember the juicy gossip and love triangles, however the display can it is in comically cringe-worthy to revisit. There space plenty that things around it that don"t make sense, yet these room the most noticeable ten.

There room a most toxic relationship on The an enig Life, yet Amy and Ben"s is among the absolute worst. The teens start out in a sweet romance that borders on saccharine in ~ times. Ben is really committed to Amy in the start but grows tired of her attitude and also does not choose being bound down. Amy rejects Ben"s attempts to revive the romance, and that is once he gets with Adrian. In addition to all the man of their date days, the teens attempt to get married!

High school can be a an overwhelming time to develop friendships that last, but the youngsters on The secret Life especially battle with it. Lock aren"t always there because that one another and are much much more inclined to stab each other in the back.

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Life is hard enough that it would certainly make much more sense because that them to be donate of each other continually. Instead, the ar responsibility comes in waves: a baby shower one day, a sabotage the next.

There room three indict counselors in the expression of The secret Life. Mr. Molina is the first, but he violates school plan by helping Adrian find her birth father, and the counselor doesn"t last too long. The second is Dr. Bink, who is somehow rental after obtaining fired at she previous college for taking a college student to the prom. The last, Kaitlin O"Malley, is the most stable. She in reality helps the teens work out your problems and plan their lives and also careers. With sufficient craziness already going on in the show, that doesn"t make lot sense to switch guidance counselors this plenty of times.

7 The Juergens Family

Amy Juergens can be frustrating girl, however her household isn"t any better. Her parents" marriage is fall apart, her sister becomes simply as devious together her dad, and her household is literally break-up in half when Ashley stays with she dad and also Amy remains with her mom. The troubles that George and also Anne Juergens won"t address grow worse and worse. They"re no left with much time to assist their kids out, and it shows.

Athletics are regularly a big part that high institution experiences, but The an enig Life really amplifies the football culture. Jocks and cheerleaders are some of the many popular children in the hall, and the civilization of the French horn players is no explored much beyond the horrors the "band camp." Jack Pappas is the huge man on campus, and also Grace archer is the command cheer girl for part of the series. It simply doesn"t make feeling for shows favor this to store emphasizing this stereotype.

5 Amy"s French Horn Skills

pan often point out the fact that Amy somehow manages to be a teen mom, gain into poor romantic relationships, and also practice the French horn. Despite she is rarely seen practicing, she is somehow an excellent enough to gain a music scholarship to to visit college in new York. This just doesn"t include up.

Ricky Underwood is a strange guy. He has actually gone through a damaging childhood and also really come a long means throughout the series. However, fans simply don"t gain why the is continually pulled ago to Adrian. She is gorgeous and also familiar come Ricky, yet he goes to treatment to try to break totally free of his past issues. Adrian definitely does not help him v that. Ricky lastly lets walk of the relationship, yet it is difficult to understand why that takes therefore long.

3 Ashley"s Attitude

Ashley"s attitude worsens transparent the display until she exits prior to the final episodes. The teenager expresses some actual hatred in the direction of her sister, Amy. Ashley is finest friends with her dad one minute and also can"t stand him the next. She type of acts this means with her mother, too. If Ashley goes v a ton of family drama, she can be kinder come the people roughly her and also refuse to provide in to her family"s poison ways.

Ben Boykewich is the least likely son to end up being a bad egg, yet he sinks deeper and deeper into some atrocious behavior. His complicated relationship through Amy leads to his broken marriage with Adrian, that miscarries his baby. Ben and Adrian don"t last, and also he move on come an also worse girlfriend after ~ that.

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Ben and also Dylan burn under a high school, Ben accuses an intern of sex-related misconduct, and Ben turns his earlier on the dad who provided him everything. A couple slip-ups might be passable, but Ben just can"t get together with anyone.

1 Portrayal that Teenagers

The most unnecessary part of the drama is its consistent negative portrayal of teenagers. They"re always screwing up, making bad decisions, or acquiring pregnant. Teenagers go v a lot, yet not every one of them live in a never-ending cycle of bad judgment. The show would more make sense if it was a little more inclusive of different teen personalities, favor the responsible Lauren Treacy.

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