This photo released by AMC mirrors Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in a scene from the season 4 premiere of "The wade Dead."

Some Time Warner Cable customers observed a shocking twist during the season 4 finale of "The walking Dead" once their televisions went totally dark.

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Social media users in central New York complained the fight zombie series was appearing with glitches or no all. The picture would frozen or skip, and at one allude it was replaced by blackness for several minutes during the hour-long episode.

"AMC terminal for Time Warner Cable in main NY has actually gone out! No go Dead after 38 minute mark!#TheWalkingDead,""Time Warner is walk to make me have a full fledged grown-up temper tantrum! #WalkingDead #glitch #TimeWarnerCable,""What the HELL

"Our apologies for issues with AMC. We room investigating issues and also working to settle it as conveniently as possible," the cable provider's main customer company account tweeted in ~ 9:36 p.m. Sunday. It did not elaborate on the cause.

The issue showed up to be limited to simply the cable network that shows "The walking Dead," yet that didn't offer lot comfort because that fans that the highly-rated show. An ext than 16 million watched the season four premiere in October, setup a document for cable television.

TWC and also AMC appeared to resolve the difficulties for most before the finale's chilling conclusion: "They screwed through the wrong people," rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) stated just prior to the credits rolled.

But part subscribers were still left unsatisfied through their service and threatening to switch to other cable providers.

TWC you are the worst cable provider top top earth. Best believe I"m call verizon tomorrow.,""#TWC signal out right currently in upstate #NY during the #TheWalkingDead #finale. Pan hating life appropriate now. Get #Verizon #Fios people,"

In the area, Time Warner Cable's rivals include Verizon FiOS and Dish Networks. TWC already invoked the wrath of part customers critical month once it announced that was elevating rates and including a "broadcast TV" fee, boosting bills by an average of 6.4 percent.

Time Warner Cable lost 306,000 subscribers critical year, in part due to a month-long blackout of CBS stations over a problem in brand-new York City, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Comcast got to a $45 billion deal in February to acquire Time Warner Cable. Comcast's subscriber complete is intended to with 30 million as soon as the transaction is finalized later on this year.

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