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The Walrus and the CarpenterOr, The Story that the Curious OystersThe sun was glowing on the seaShining through all his mightHe walk his an extremely best come makeThe billows smooth and brightAnd this to be odd because it wasThe middle of the nightThe Walrus and the CarpenterWere go close in ~ handThe beach to be wideFrom next to sideBut much too complete of sand"Mr. Walrus," stated the Carpenter"My brain begins come perkWe'll sweep this clean in 'alf a yearIf friend don't psychic the work""Work?! The time has actually come," the Walrus said"To talk of other thingsOf shoes and ships and also sealing waxOf cabbages and kingsAnd why the sea is boil hotAnd whether pigs have actually wingsCalloo-CallayNo occupational today!We're cabbages and kings"
Oh, uh, Oysters, come and also walk with usThe work is warm and brightA pleasant walkA satisfied talkWould it is in a slim delightYes, and should we get hungry on the wayWe'll avoid and, uh, have a bite?But mother Oyster winked she eyeAnd shook she hairy headShe knew too wellThis was no time to leave her Oyster bed"The sea is niceTake my adviceAnd stay right here," Mum saidYes, yes, of course, the course, but, uh, ha, haThe time has come, my tiny friendsTo speak of other thingsOf shoes and ships and also sealing waxOf cabbages and also kingsAnd why the sea is boil hotAnd even if it is pigs have actually wings, ha haCallo-CallayCome, operation awayWith cabbages and also kings!
Well, now, uh, let me seeAh, a bread of bread isWhat us chiefly need!Listen, how 'bout part pepper and salt and vinegar, eh?Well, yes, yes, splendid idea, ha ha!Very good, indeedNow, if your ready, Oysters, dearWe can begin the feedFeed?!Oh, yes, the time has actually come, my tiny friendsTo talk of food and also thingsOf peppercorns and also mustard seedsAnd other seasonings!We'll mix 'em all togetherIn a sauce that's fit for kingsCalloo-CallayWe'll eat todayLike cabbages and kings!I, uh, weep because that you. I (hic), oh excuse meI deep sympathiseFor I've took pleasure in your company, oh much moreThan friend realizeLittle Oysters? little Oysters?
But answer, there came noneAnd this to be scarcely odd becauseThey'd been eatenEvery one!With cabbages and kings!The End!

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