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In representation of collection there space three methods :Representation that set1) A collection is denoted by a capital letter. Example : set A, set B, collection N etc.2) The aspects of a set are denoted by little letters.All facets are composed in (curly) brackets separated through , (comma).Example : a,b,c,x ,y etc.3) In set notation, facets are not repeated.Example : A is a collection of letter in the word good,then set A = g,o,d.4) The stimulate of facets in a collection does no matter.Notations :1) Roster Notation ( Tabular form)In this form, us enumerate or perform all the element.Examples :1) A is a collection of whole numbers less than 6.A = 0,1,2,3,4,52) C is the collection of letters in the word excellent.C = e, x, c, l, n, t Set-builder kind ( dominance method)In this an approach , us specify the rule or residential or commercial property or statement.A = x has a building of pThis is read as A is the collection of facets x such that( | ) x has a home p.Examples :1) provided : A = 2,4,6,8,10,12Solution :In collection A every the elements are even natural number up to 12.So this is the rule for the set ASo collection builder notation will beA = x 2) B = 4,5,6,7Solution :In collection B every the elements are organic numbers between 3 and also 8.This is the rule.So collection builder notation will certainly beB ={ x | x is a herbal number, 3 OrB = { x | x ∈N, 3 collection Theory• Sets• representation of Set• Cardinal Number• types of Sets• pairs of Sets• Subset• match of Set• Union the the Sets• Intersection that Sets• operations on Sets• De Morgan"s Law• Venn Diagrams• Venn-diagrams because that sets• Venn-diagrams for different situations• problems on Intersection of two Sets• difficulties on Intersection of 3 SetsHome Page

Covid-19 has impacted physical interactions in between people.

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