Origin the Time and also Tide Wait because that No Man

This expression has actually existed due to the fact that at least the 1200s. Among the earliest provides is indigenous St. Marher in 1225.

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And te tide and also te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet.

Another early variation the the expression was,

Tyde no one time tarrieth no man.

In this phrase, tide refers to the seas’ tide. Time, obviously, refers to time itself.

While the precise origin the this expression is unclear, it originates from the unstoppable in march of time.

Examples that Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Two friends space rushing to catch their plane.

Kira: i’ve been ready for half an hour. What room you doing? We’re walking to it is in late!

Dan: i know! i’m sorry. I’m almost ready. I just need to fill a few more things.

Kira: What? You’re still in over there packing? we don’t have time for that. Just grab her passport and also we deserve to buy anything else the we need once we obtain there.

Dan: Okay, okay. Simply one much more minute. I’m almost done!

Kira: No! No more waiting. Time waits for no man, and the airplane won’t wait for united state either if we don’t acquire there on time.

Dan: Okay, i’m coming!

The adhering to example requires two women mentioning past regrets.

Gertrude: i can’t think how rapid life goes.

Ruby: Why carry out you to speak that?

Gertrude: I’m acquiring older, and also there are still so many things the I’ve never ever done. I have actually so plenty of regrets around missed opportunities.

Ruby: Well, that not too late! You can still do those things.

Gertrude: No. Not anymore. I always wanted to travel the world, yet I have actually too numerous responsibilities now. Time waits because that no man, and also no woman. I wish I might stop time so I can do all the points I wanted to, yet I can’t.

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The phrase time waits for no man is another method to say that the passing of time is unstoppable, and also it will certainly march on regardless of what anyone claims or does.


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