Highlights indigenous his diary that deserve to be used and also reviewed daily, in no particular order. Life transforming and ns can’t recommend this enough. The full publication can be discovered here.

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Upon Waking:

IN THE MORNING as soon as THOU RISEST UNWILLINGLY, permit THIS believed be existing “I am climbing to the job-related of a human being. Why climate am ns dissatisfied if i am going to carry out the things for which ns exist and for which i was carried into the world? Or have actually I been created this, to lie in the bedclothes and also keep myself warm?”

BEGIN THE MORNING BY speak TO THYSELF, ns SHALL accomplish WITH THE busy-body, the ungrateful, arrogant, deceitful, envious, unsocial.

On life in the present:

Time is like a river made up of the occasions which happen, and a violent stream; because that as soon as a thing has actually been seen, it is brought away, and also another come in its place, and this will be carried away too.

Remember how long she hast been placing off this things, and also how frequently thou hast obtained an opportunity from the gods, and also yet dost not usage it.

For the present is the only thing of i m sorry a man deserve to be deprived, if it is true the this is the just thing which the has, and that a man cannot lose a thing if he has it not.

Do not act together if thou wert going to live ten thousand years. Fatality hangs over thee. While she livest, while it is in her power, be good.

Wipe the end the imagination. Protect against the pulling of the strings. Confine thyself come the present.

Understand fine what happens one of two people to thee or come another.Thou sufferest this justly: for thou choosest fairly to become good tomorrow 보다 to be good to-day.

On the shortness that life:

For it is one of the plot of life, this act through which we die: the is enough then in this act also to carry out well what we have actually in hand.

Be not dissatisfied then the thou should live only so plenty of years and also not more; for as thou art satisfied through the amount of problem which has actually been assigned to thee, so it is in content v the time.

About death: whether it is a dispersion, or a resolution right into atoms, or annihilation, that is one of two people extinction or change.

From Plato: The male who has actually an elevated mind and also takes a view of every time and also of all substance, dost thou suppose it possible for him to think that person life is something great? the is not possible, he said ”Such a male then will certainly think the death also is no evil.” absolutely not.

Consider thyself to it is in dead, and to have completed her life approximately the current time; and live follow to nature the remainder which is allowed thee.

Consider when thou art much vexed or grieved, that man’s life is just a moment, and after a short time we are all laid the end dead.

On materialism:

Commodity the life, and of which fortune provides an numerous supply, he offered without arrogance and without excusing himself; so that when he had actually them, he took pleasure in them there is no affectation, and also when he had actually them not, the did not want them.

Think no so lot of what she hast no as that what thou hast: however of the things which thou hast pick the best, and then reflect just how eagerly castle would have actually been sought, if she hadst them not.

At the exact same time yet take care that she dost not v being so pleased through them accustom thyself come overvalue them, so regarding be disturbed if ever thou shouldst not have them.

Adorn thyself with simplicity and also modesty and also with indifference in the direction of the points which lie between virtue and vice. Love mankind. Follow God.

It is not right to vex ourselves in ~ things, because that they care nought about it.

Receive wide range or prosperity there is no arrogance; and be prepared to let that go.

All things space the same, acquainted in experience, and also ephemeral in time, and also worthless in the matter. Whatever now is simply as the was during those whom we have actually buried.

On me reliance:

Stand erect, no be kept erect through others.

For i do not have anything either with an ext quiet or much more freedom from problem does a man retire than into his very own soul, particularly when he has actually within him such thoughts the by looking into them the is automatically in perfect tranquility;

Our perturbations come only from the opinion which is within.

That we ought not, like youngsters who find out from their parents, just to act and also speak as we have actually been taught.

Let the component of thy spirit which leads and also governs it is in undisturbed through the activities in the flesh, whether of pleasure or that pain;

When she hast to be compelled by circumstances to be disturbed in a manner, quickly return come thyself and do not proceed out the tune longer than the obsession lasts; because that thou wilt have much more mastery end the harmony by continuous recurring to it.

Look within. In ~ is the fractional of good, and it will ever bubble up, if she wilt ever dig.

The art of life is more like the wrestlers art than the dancers, in respect of this, that it must stand ready and also firm to meet onsets which are sudden and unexpected.

But most of all once thou blamest a guy as faithless or ungrateful, revolve to thyself. For the error is manifestly thy own, even if it is thou didst trust that a guy who had actually such a disposition would save his promise,

Accustom thyself as much as possible on the occasion of anything being excellent by any type of person to inquire through thyself, because that what thing is this man doing this? But begin with thyself, and examine thyself first.

On principles/values:

Never value anything as financially rewarding to thyself i beg your pardon shall compel thee to rest thy promise, to lose thy self-respect, to hate any man, come suspect, come curse, to act the hypocrite.

Nothing is an ext disgraceful 보다 a wolfish friendship (false friendship). Prevent this most of all.

As medical professionals have constantly their instruments and knives prepared for cases which suddenly need their skill, so do thou have principles ready for the understanding of points divine and also human, and for act everything, also the smallest, through a recollection of the link which unites the divine and human to one another.

The best means of avenging thyself is no to come to be like the dorn doer.

consider the thou additionally doest plenty of things wrong, and that thou art a male like others

If any kind of man is may be to to convince me and also show me that I carry out not think or action right, I will certainly gladly change; because that I seek the truth through which no male was ever before injured. However he is injured who abides in his error and ignorance.

Penetrate inwards into mens leading principles, and thou wilt check out what judges thou arts afraid of, and what kind of judges they space of themselves.

On the risks external influences:

I have often wondered just how it is that every guy loves himself much more than every the rest of men, yet yet sets less value on his very own opinion that himself than on the opinion that others.

Men despise one another and also flatter one another; and men great to advanced themselves over one another, and also crouch prior to one another.

How lot trouble he prevents who does no look to check out what his neighbour states or does or thinks, but only come what he does himself, the it may be just and also pure;

look no round in ~ the depraved morals that others, yet run straight along the line without deviating indigenous it.

Seventh, that it is no mens plot which disturb us, because that those acts have actually their structure in mens ruling principles, but it is our own opinions which disturb us.

He who has a vehement desire for posthumous fame does not consider that every among those that remember him will himself likewise die an extremely soon;

Does any type of one do wrong? the is come himself the he does the wrong. Has actually anything occurred to thee?

Unhappy to be I since this has happened come me.—Not so, but happy to be I, despite this has actually happened to me, due to the fact that I continue totally free from pain, neither crushed by the existing nor fearing the future.

Does an additional do me wrong? Let the look to it. He has his very own disposition, his very own activity. I now have what the universal nature wills me to have; and also I do what my nature now wills me come do.

consider exactly how much much more pain is brought on us by the anger and also vexation brought about by such acts than by the action themselves, at which we room angry and also vexed.

How strangely men act. They will certainly not worship those who room living at the same time and also living with themselves; but to be us praised through posterity, by those whom they have actually never viewed or ever will see, this they collection much worth on. Yet this is very much the same as if thou shouldst be grieved because those who have actually lived prior to thee walk not prayer thee.

It is your duty come leave one more man’s wrongful plot there where it is.

When thou arts offended with any type of man’s shameless conduct, instantly ask thyself, Is that possible, then, the shameless guys should not be in the world? it is no possible. Carry out not, then, need what is impossible.

On being good:

Have ns done something for the general interest? fine then i have had actually my reward. Let this always be current to your mind, and never stop doing such good.

to expect negative men not to carry out wrong is madness, for he who expects this desire an impossibility. However to permit men to behave so come others, and also to mean them not to carry out thee any kind of wrong, is irrational and also tyrannical

On me improvement:

Practise thyself even in the points which thou despairest the accomplishing. For also the left hand, which is ineffectual because that all other things for desire of practice, stop the bridle much more vigorously than the ideal hand; because that it has actually been practised in this.

On faith:

Live through the gods. And he go live with the gods that constantly reflects to them, his own soul is satisfied v that which is assigned to him,

Conformably come piety, the thou mayest be content v the lot which is assigned come thee, for nature designed it for thee and also thee because that it.

Love that only which happens to thee and is spun v the object of her destiny. Because that what is an ext suitable?

thoughts just, and acts social, and words which never ever lie, and a disposition which gladly accepts all that happens, as necessary, together usual, together flowing indigenous a rule and source of the very same kind.

Nothing happens to any man which he is not formed by nature to bear. The same things happen to another, and also either since he go not view that they have happened or due to the fact that he would show a an excellent spirit he is firm and also remains unharmed.

But if us judge only those points which are in our strength to be an excellent or bad, there stays no factor either for finding fault v God or was standing in a hostile perspective to man.

there have to be no love that life: but as to these problem a man must intrust them to the divine being and believe what the women say, that no man have the right to escape his destiny, the following inquiry being how he may ideal live the moment that he has to live.

With respect to that which happens conformably come nature, we need to blame no gods, for they carry out nothing wrong one of two people voluntarily or involuntarily, nor men, because that they carry out nothing wrong other than involuntarily. In turn we need to blame nobody.

On perspective:

Think that the global substance, the which she hast a very little portion; and also of universal time, of i m sorry a short and also indivisible interval has been assigned come thee; and of that which is solved by destiny, and how small a part of that thou art.

When a man has actually done thee any kind of wrong, immediately consider v what opinion about good or evil he has done wrong. For once thou hast viewed this, thou it must be pity him, and wilt no wonder nor be angry.

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In whatever which wake up keep prior to thy eyes those to who the exact same things happened, and how they were vexed, and treated them together strange things, and also found fault through them: and now where room they? Nowhere. Why climate dost you too choose to action in the exact same way?

Every soul, the philosopher says, is involuntarily deprived of truth; in turn in the same means it is deprived that justice and temperance and also benevolence and everything that the kind. That is most necessary to bear this constantly in mind, for thus thou wilt be an ext gentle towards all.