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Ben from Mesa, AzHe"s supposedly head over hills for this girl. He can"t live without her. Therefore what walk he average by, "Don"t do me change my mind?" If he"s yes, really in love climate it doesn"t issue what she claims or does. Jasmine native Anderson,caI love this song, but at the moment it is bittersweet since my boyfriend and also I our no in the ideal place appropriate now and also I dont know if we will gain pass that so this song made me think a lot around the place I am at about it.Olivia from Aurora, IlThis song makes me cry. I have no reservation why. It amazes me every time i hear it.Torrie native Moghetto, California ((:, CaI love this song. That"s every I have to say. ((((:Nathan Ritz indigenous Paoli, Inthis is the 2nd best song that they have made, after your callTayluur indigenous Binghamton, NyPerfect song. It"s me and my boyfriend"s. Rhys from yellow Coast, Australiai enjoy this song i pat it to veg the end from realityClarissa native Martinsburg, WvI don"t like this song much at all. I"m no a huge fan the the band either. It"s too intense when it serious shouldn"t be. Ns don"t know. I simply don"t prefer it.Jim indigenous Toledo, Ohthis tune is god-awful. It"s the factor top-40 radio is in the crapper. It"s whiny, depressing, and also took no talent whatsoever to create or perform. If it weren"t for angst-ridden teens it would certainly occupy the location it belonging - in the annals the terrible and unpopular musicRachel from Austin, TxI love this song!! i hear it all the moment on the radio and i song to that every time. It never ever gets old. I use it come this man that i favor a lot. For this reason this is really my favorite song ideal now!Sarah from Burlington, VtThis song reminds me of a man who I have feelings for. I m sorry is so weird due to the fact that it doesn"t fit for united state at all. The chorus does, though.see much more comments
The Magic the Christmas job (God Bless us Everyone)Celine Dion

Celine Dion"s 1998 festive song "The Magic the Christmas job (God Bless us Everyone)" come from an unlikely source. It was penned through Dee Snider the the hefty metal band Twisted Sister.

Head over HeelsThe Go-Go"s

"Head end Heels" by The Go-Go"s is a an allegory for how things were getting out of regulate for the band; they broke up a year later.

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below I go AgainWhitesnake

Whitesnake"s "Here i Go Again" is a an extremely inspiring song, but it"s really about heartbreak: David Coverdale wrote it as soon as his an initial marriage was falling apart.

boot Scootin" BoogieBrooks & Dunn

Ronnie Dunn wrote "Boot Scootin" Boogie" prior to he teamed up through Kix Brooks to kind Brooks & Dunn. It was initially recorded by the nation group asleep At The Wheel, however Brooks & Dunn did it themselves when it got its very own line dance.

One way Or AnotherBlondie

"One way Or Another" is based on a stalker who creeped out Blondie command singer Debbie Harry.

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AbracadabraSteve Miller band

"Abracadabra" was motivated by Diana Ross and also The Supremes. Steve Miller very first met the girl team when castle performed together on NBC"s Hullabaloo in 1966, and he composed the lyrics after spotting Diana Ross skiing in the hills years later.

Desmond ChildSongwriter Interviews

One the the most successful songwriters in the business, Desmond co-wrote "Livin" La Vida Loca," "Dude (Looks like A Lady)" and "Livin" top top A Prayer."

Concert DisastersFact or Fiction

Ozzy biting a dove? Alice Cooper bring about mayhem with a chicken? Creed so negative they to be sued? see if you deserve to spot the real concert mishaps.

phone call Booth SongsSong writing

Phone booths are virtually extinct, however they listed storylines for several of the most profound song of the pre-cell call era.

American access time With foreign TitlesSong composing

What space the biggest US hits through French, Spanish (not "Rico Suave"), Italian, Scottish, Greek, and also Japanese titles?

Timothy B. Schmit the the EaglesSongwriter Interviews

Did this Eagle come up with the term "Parrothead"? and what is it favor playing "Hotel California" because that the gazillionth time?

PrinceFact or Fiction

Prince is shrouded in mystery, do him great candidate for fact or Fiction. Is he yes, really a Scientologist? walk he own an exotic animal?