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the quation requirements the angle and also minutes however i don`t know exactly how to calculation the minutes. May you please display the formula action by step.

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The mesurements the triangle a = 4m,b = 5m and c = 7m

Solve the triangle by making use of SSS rule

cosA = (b2 + c2 - a2)/2bc

cosA = (52 + 72 - 42 )/2(5)(7)

cosA = (25 + 49 - 16)/70

cosA = 58/70

A = cos-1(58/70)

A = 34.04°

1 level = 60 minutes

To convert the levels in minutes just multiply through 60.

A = 34.04*60

A = 2042.4"

cosB = (c2 + a2 - b2)/2ca

cosB = (72 + 42 - 52 )/2(7)(4)

cosB = (49 + 16 - 25)/56

cosB = 40/56

B = cos-1(40/56)

B = 44.41°

B = 44.41*60

B = 2664.6"

The amount of angles in traingle = 180°

C = 180 - (A + B)

C = 180 - (34.04 + 44.41 )

C = 180 - 78.45

C = 101.55°

C = 6093"

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