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hatchet What to be the surname of the group that conspired to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand
Definition the black Hand
Term human being War ns was characterized by
Definition trench war that maintained both political parties in basically the exact same positions for four years.

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Term Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and also the ottoman Empire came to be known as
Definition the main Powers
Term ____ to be councils composed of representatives from the workers and soldiers.
Definition Soviets
Term The contract of Versailles was
Definition the treaty signed with Germany that numerous Germans felt was a harsh peace.
Term ____, the aggressive preparation for war, to be growing in addition to nations’ armies.
Definition Militarism
Term The Schlieffen setup was
Definition Germany’s arrangement for a two-front war through Russia and France, i m sorry had developed a armed forces alliance.
Term by ________ of _______ Germany and also France realized this war would not end quickly
Definition September; 1914
Term By attack Austria in may 1915, Italy
Definition betrayed Germany and Austria
Term Under the leadership of ____, the Bolsheviks ended up being a party dedicated to violent revolution.
Definition V. I. Lenin
Term ____, the chairman of the US, came to be the spokesperson because that a new world order based on democracy and international cooperation.
Definition Woodrow Wilson
Term In 1914 which member of the Triple Alliance shared boundaries with two members the the Triple Entente?
Definition Germany
Term wherein was Archduke Francis Ferdinand shot?
Definition in Sarajevo
Term Why to be Francis Ferdinand in Bosnia?
Definition He to be on a state visit.
Term before the revolution, the Russian government was operation by ____.
Definition one absolute ruler
Term The US ideal contributed come the finish of the battle by providing
Definition a emotional boost
Term human being War I started in ______
Definition 1914
Term The ___________ were the secret police of the new Russian Communist government
Definition Cheka
Term after taking regulate of the government, the Bolsheviks readjusted their party surname to _____________
Definition communists
Term The ________________ to be Germany’s an approach of controlling the seas during the war.
Definition U-boat
Term France, an excellent Britain, and also Russia came to be the ________________ Powers.
Definition Allied
Term Britain declared war against Germany in August, 1914, officially, since Germany violated the rules of neutrality by marching through ____________________.
Definition Belgium
Term ______________ ________________ was government regulate of banks and industry, the seizing of grain, and the centralization that the state under Communist control.
Definition War communism
Term The Czarina the Russia complied with the indict of a mysterious ‘holy man’ named __________________
Definition Rasputin
Term The US stayed ‘neutral’ regarding the war in Europe until it join the fighting in ___________.
Definition 1917
Term The British presented the ____________ in 1916 in ~ the battle of Somme.
Definition tank
Term To end the fighting, the Germans agreed to an _________________, no admitting they to be wrong.
Definition armistice
Term The ‘last straw’ because that the Russian citizens was when the government started to ration ______________.
Definition bread
Term The official end of world War ns came through the signing that the treaty of ____________________.
Definition Versailles
Term The contract to finish the war required Germany to pay ____________________ for all the damage it had actually done throughout the war.
Definition reparations
Term 1. Just how did the end of world War I imply that there can be future conflicts among the european nations?
Definition Be maybe to write a 3 paragraph essay.

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Term 2. How proper were the agreements of the Treaty, particularly with regards come Germany and also Austria-Hungary?
Definition Be able to compose a 3 paragraph essay.