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We all understand that wherever Luffy goes, that wears his lovely trademark the straw hat. That is provided by Shanks who offered his eight in stimulate to conserve him earlier in the youth days and ever since the hat has been his biggest treasure.

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After 800+ chapters there space actually only few people whom he has actually entrusted the hat for a quick time (didn’t counting those where his crew mates only give the hat to that after waking up and so on).(edit: there space three people)First it was Nami during the Arlong arc once she asked for their aid because Arlong damaged all the initiative she has actually gone through. After providing the hat Luffy claimed that there is no a doubt they would aid their nakama.

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Luffy offered his hat also to Vivi back in small Garden before he fought Dorry the giant. This to be the time before Nami darn a string/cord to his hat so one reason for him come entrust it for others back then was since it would’ve flied since there was nothing that could’ve hold it. Of food this he can have threw it to the ground yet he determined to offer it come Vivi which means Alabasta princess has actually earned his to trust for sure.


I’m not certain if this “hat thing” will ever happen yet Sanji is at the minute in sheet of mental break down because all these hiddens wounds are opened up after covering and also healing them because that so many years. I think that sooner or later Luffy, Nami and others will discover out the reasons why Sanji did what he did and also then they’ll understand his plot better. Currently we simply need come hope the his nakama regulate to conserve him due to the fact that he does no deserve a unhappy ending (and by dissatisfied I mean returning come Vinsmoke family, his an individual hell)

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