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How to play GBA Pokemon Rom Hacks

Note: GBA ad to video game Boy Advance1. Getting a RomFirst friend must attain a GBA Pokemon Rom Hack. Friend probably currently have one, yet if girlfriend don"t, discover one here. A GBA Rom Hack will have actually a .gba extension. If you have actually a .rar, .zip, .7z, etc. File, extract the to acquire the .gba one. (Note: many emulators can play .zip records directly.) If you have a patch record (.ips or .ups), there"s a tutorial on exactly how to patch below.

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Note: This tutorial is greatly for .gba files. If you have a DS game (.nds), you will require a DS emulator. If you have actually a GBC game (.gbc), you may need a various emulator.2. EmulatorsNext, in order to play the Rom, girlfriend will require a GBA emulator. An emulator enables you to play GBA gamings as you would certainly on the console, yet on your device. Below are part recommendations-Windows - Visual boy Advance (VBA)Android - my Boy!iOS - GBA4iOSChromeOS - GPemuIf you have actually an emulator you use that isn"t here, please mention it in the comments ar to help everyone out.Note: The recommended emulator for most hacks is Visual Boy advancement 1.8.0 Beta 3. Obtain it here.3. Start the romNext, open up the .gba (or possibly .zip) paper using your emulator. (On VBA, File->Open or drag-and-drop the ROM.) The video game should fill up now. A Pokemon Rom should display a comparable screen-

In situation you are obtaining a white screen, skip to step 5.4. ButtonsIf you room on a touch display screen device, your buttons should show up ~ above the display (A, B, Start, Select, L, R and also the direction pad). If you space using VBA, the controls are usually Z=A, X=B, Enter=Start, Backspace=Select, A=L, S=R and also the arrows because that direction. View/Change this by going come Options->Joypad->Configure->15. TroubleshootingAt this point, if friend get any kind of of this errors-White screen
The 1m sub-circuit plank is not installedInternal Battery has run dryOr some various other error the I could have forgotten, use these settings for VBA (try come find comparable settings to procedures 4 and also 5 if you"re utilizing a various emulator)-Close VBA.Delete the .sgm, .sa1 or .sav documents for this game in your folder (if lock exist).Open VBA.Go to choices -> Emulator -> Save type -> flash 128kOptions -> Emulator -> genuine Time Clock options -> Gameboy -> AutomaticClose VBA again.Open VBA and also load the rom once much more (and preferably start a new game)Note: If using MyBoy, inspect Settings -> progressed Settings -> Cartridge Save kind -> flash 128kNote: even if you perform not see any error, it would certainly be advantageous to use these setups if possible.6. PlayThat"s it. You have the right to now play the game as girlfriend would have on a video game Boy advancement console.You have the right to either use the in-game save mechanic to conserve your video game (Start->Save if in the game) or use save states (some emulators choose My Boy! totally free do not assistance this).In VBA, save states are used by clicking Shift+F1 come save and also F1 come load. (Replace F1 by F2, F3, ..., F10 for an ext save states)

How to patch a Rom Hack

To job a rom, girlfriend will need 3 things- a patch file, a base rom and a patching software.


Since you"re here, this is more than likely what friend have. A spot file, as soon as patched ~ above the basic rom, switch it right into the hacked rom. The many common species are .ips and .ups. There are likewise less common species such as .aps and .xdelta. One of the much more popular sites to obtain patch documents is pokecommunity.com.


A basic rom is the video game which has been modified by the hacker to do the rom hack. It is usually an main Pokemon video game like FireRed, Emerald, etc. The should have actually a .gba extension (extract if .zip or .rar). Friend can find out what the correct basic rom is by introduce the page you download the patch file from.

Base roms come in various versions, that is Fire Red v1.0 is different from Fire Red v1.1; Emerald (U) is different from Emerald (UE). In order for the last game to occupational properly, it is necessary you usage the same rom i beg your pardon the creator hacked- again, it"s usually mentioned wherever you gained the patch record from. If you room not sure which variation to use, it may require part trial and error.

The most renowned base roms are as follows-FireRed- squirrels (also called 1636 and also BPRE), independent (1695)Emerald- Trashman (1986), UERuby- v1.0 (0907), v1.0 Mugs (0907), live independence (2006)

You deserve to usually attain base roms through a fast google search.


This tool patches the patch record onto the base rom. Based upon the type of spot file, you may require various software.

Some references (for Windows)-ips - Lunar IPS (LIPS), Floating IPS (Flips)ups - NUPS, Tsukuyomiaps - A-Ptchxdelta - Xdelta

If you"re utilizing Android, there"s an application called Unipatcher which functions on both ips and ups.

STEPSOpen the patching software application you are usingSelect use Patch (or similar)Select your base rom when prompted v "File to be patched" (or similar)Select your patch document when promptedClick "Patch" if necessaryIf every little thing goes smoothly, it must say something like "patching successful". If over there is one error, you can be utilizing the incorrect base rom (try a various version)Most patching softwares will replace the base rom, so what supplied to it is in the basic rom, is now the job rom hack. Rename the if you want.That"s it. You can now open it with an emulator and play.

How to usage your old data v an update

Note: I have actually no endure with iOS, so i don"t know if this method will work-related there. Also, if her save papers are save on computer in one online organization such as Dropbox, the process may become much more difficult.

I"ve made a short video clip showing the process here- Youtube.

Short version:The .sav paper is where all your saved data is stored. When you pat a rom, the emulator searches a particular folder for a particular named .sav file, and also if the exists, loads it. Many of the time, this .sav paper is in the same folder together the rom, and has the exact same name together the rom as well. So, for example, if you opened up xyz.gba, the emulator would certainly search the folder comprise xyz.gba, and look for the document xyz.sav and load it (if it doesn"t exist, friend will just see "New Game" and no "Continue" in her game). So what you desire to perform is make the emulator fill the older .sav document when you open up the to update rom. Girlfriend can achieve this by renaming the .sav record and moving it together necessary.

GBA games aren"t that advanced, so there is no right forward method to update a rom. First, girlfriend will need to obtain the update rom by patching the from scrape or by acquiring it native a site choose this. In some rare cases, choose Prism, you"ll need to patch her save paper as well.I will certainly be phone call the older variation "gamev1.gba" and also the newer, update rom "gamev2.gba". Also, here, rom describes the .gba file. If you"re play out of a .zip file, the measures are the precise same. Just think "zip" wherever "gba" is mentioned.

1. Make sure old saves are supportedSometimes, when an update is released, enlarge saves may no longer work correctly. In this case, you must simply start a brand-new game. If you usage the old save anyway, that may cause an increased variety of bugs and also glitches.2. Save inside a Pokemon CenterIn the older version, conserve in-game, not using save states i.e. You must open the food selection inside the game and also save (Saving… please don"t rotate off the power).3. Situate your .sav fileNormally, it has actually the very same name, and also is in the same folder as the gba record (i.e. Gamev1.sav will be in the exact same folder as gamev1.gba). There may be other papers such together .sa1, .sgm, etc., but don"t worry about them. If her .sav is not in the exact same folder, there may be a different folder comprise save files for all gamings on your computer. Right here is where to look for the .sav record on some usual emulators:VisualBoyAdvance: same folder together the .gba/.zip fileMy Boy!: "MyBoy" folder -> "save" folder (some version may ar the .sav file in the exact same folder as the ROM though)John GBA: "Johnemulators" folder -> "GBA" folder -> "save" folder4. RenameMake a copy that the old .sav document (i.e. Gamev1.sav -> gamev1(copy).sav) in the very same folder. Rename this copy to enhance the update rom"s name specifically (i.e. Gamev1(copy).sav -> gamev2.sav). If the to update gba rom is in a various folder, relocate the change the name .sav file to the folder (i.e. Move gamev2.sav come the folder gamev2.gba is in). If her .sav file and .gba papers weren"t in the very same folder in action 3, location it in the very same folder the enlarge .sav to be in.5. PlayThat"s it. If you begin the update gba file, you should have the ability to load your old data in-game.

Troubleshooting: White Screen/1m sub-circuit plank is no installed/Saving Problems

Here, rom refers to the video game you are playing. Usually a .gba or .zip file.

Close her emulatorDelete any .sav, .sgm, .sa1, .sa2, ..., files for the video game (usually in the exact same folder as the rom you"re playing)Open your emulatorChange the save type to speed 128k VBA: options -> Emulator -> Save kind -> flash 128kAlso, alternatives -> Gameboy -> automatic MyBoy: setups -> advanced Settings -> Cartridge Save form -> flash 128k Others: search on google because that the settings for your particular emulator open up the rom; it must work fine now

Note: part emulators carry out not allow you to adjust the save type. In the case, you"ll just have to search ~ above google because that something prefer "gba4ios pokemon white screen" (replace gba4ios through your emulator).

Troubleshooting: inner Battery has run dry

Close your emulatorOpen her emulatorEnable the actual Time Clock (RTC) VBA: options -> Emulator -> actual Time Clock (should be ticked) Others: search on google because that the setups for your specific emulator open up the game; it should work fine now

Note: If her emulator doesn"t have the RTC feature, ns don"t think there"s anything you can do. Also, part emulators have trouble synching v your system"s time. Search on google because that something choose "gba4ios rtc" (replace gba4ios with your emulator).

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If you have any type of further concerns or suggestions, feel complimentary to questioning in the comments section.