You"re the town hall Alvin and also the squirrel (2007) complete 123 movie free digital on A struggling songwriter named Dave Seville find success when he comes throughout a trio of to sing chipmunks: naughty leader Alvin, brainy Simon, and also chubby, impressionable Theodore. ~ above 123Movies you have the right to watch Alvin and also the squirrel (2007) free soon without authorize up or any kind of waiting.

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Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Director: Tim Hill

Country: US


Cast: Adriane Lenox, Allison Karman, Beth Riesgraf, Cameron Richardson, David Cross, Don Tiffany, open minded Maharajh, mrs Lynch, Jason Lee, Jesse McCartney, Justin Long, Kira Verrastro, Matthew Gray Gubler, Tiara Parker, Veronica Alicino

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