Power irradiate on TV is ON but no pic and also no sound? The strength ON irradiate or standby irradiate on mine TV come ON occasionally blinking yet no sound and no picture. My 55″ Samsung TV has a little light ~ above the bottom the the screen. When I push the remote control to rotate the TV ON, the light for power ON is illuminated. However, I view no photo and hear no sound. This is the first time this has ever before happened. I have tried every reset procedures feasible including unplugging the TV for 10 minutes. Is over there a reset method for a level panel TV or might this typical something in the TV is burnt or faulty?

TV strength Supply plank – Look because that Popped Capacitors

TV power Supply Boards, Why lock Fail?

The capacitors ~ above a power Supply board may obtain a surge native a strength outage or other else and also fail or “pop”. Study the power Supply Board and also look because that popped capacitors or fluid that is leaking indigenous the base of the capacitors or the tops. The capacitors are situated on the strength supply board in the TV whereby the power cord plugs into. Additionally check the strength Supply plank for charred or any damaged components. REPLACE cap IF required or change BOARD IF NEEDED.

TV power Supply boards – tv Replacement Parts

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As a safety keep in mind – If you choose to open the TV to find the issue, mental to rotate the TV OFF, unplug it, and also wait at least 60 minutes to take the TV apart as voltage might still be stored in the TV.

All of the above methods to troubleshoot why her TV has actually the power light ON yet no sound or picture applies to all brands the TV’s including LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio, Insignia, Element, Etc…

NOTE: If this happens through a Vizio TV, normally you will watch the environment-friendly light and also a red irradiate in the triangle under the Vizio surname on the front.

Below room some advantageous videos on exactly how to fix your TV with no sound and also no photo with power light ON:

TV Won’t turn On & has No strength & has actually a Standby Light


LCD TV wont revolve on – repair blinking red or power light

How to fix an LCD TV through a flashing light

List of TV Manufacturer’s 1-800 call Numbers

Akai 1-800-726-4405Apex 1-866-427-3946Audiovox 1-800-645-4994Daewoo 1-877-393-7823Dell 1-888-236-3355Dynex 1-800-305-2204Element 1-888-935-8880Emerson 1-800-605-8457Fisher 1-800-421-5013Funai 1-800-242-7158Gateway 1-800-846-2118Haier 1-877-337-3639Hannspree 1-888-808-6789Hitachi 1-800-448-2244I-inc 1-888-807-8808Insignia 1-877-467-4289JVC 1-800-252-5722LG 1-800-243-0000Maxent 1-888-373-4368Memorex 1-888-435-7682Mitsubishi 1-800-332-2119Motorola 1-800-211-7262NEC 1-800-338-9549Orion 1-800-289-0980Panasonic 1-800-211-7262Philips 1-888-744-5477Pioneer 1-800-457-2881Proview 1 -800-776-8439RCA 1-800-433-7316Samsung 1-800-726-7864Sanyo 1-800-877-5032Sharp 1-800-237-4277Sony 1-888-476-6972Soundesign 1-800-888-4491Sylvania 1-800-968-3429Symphonic 1-800-256-2487Toshiba 1-800-631-3811Viore 1-866-278-5900Vizio 1-877-698-4946Westinghouse 1-800-701-0680Zenith 1-877-993-6484

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