we have caught many CA brown crabs before but never had actually this happen. The crabs were preserved for 24 hrs in the cooler spanned in a towel soaked v sea water (as we have done before). As I rinsed them off in the sink prior to putting them in the boil one of them offered off a nasty black liquid out of it"s mouth. Ns washed it off and he seemed ok. The all acquired cooked and they were put in the refrigerator for an additional 24 hrs to be picked. While we were choose them many of them currently hove this black liquid in the meat. We threw out every one of the crabs yet what is the black color liquid and also is it toxic to eat?After an hour and fifty percent searching for solution for you, to it is in honest, we found none! We have never proficient a "black liquid discharge" together you explain with your brown crab. With this said, Meg, we do have a couple suggestions for you. One would certainly be to obtain ahold the your neighborhood fish monger and also ask them, or visit this website out of California...CA Deptartment of Fish and also Game castle may be able to offer one explanation about what the black color liquid discharge is every about. Hopefully you"ll get a rapid reply and also an accepting answer to this. Us feel you did the ideal thing and also threw out the brown crabs, as you deserve to never be too careful. There "could be" something going on down there in the water OR you "could be" throwing out an excellent crab, either way, we evaluate you trusting united state for an answer. We"re sorry us don"t have one! If you discover the answer, please, visit us again and let us know what castle said...if friend don"t mind!?

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Crab Legs and also Black Spots?

by Destiny (El Paso )

mine crab leg had black dots ~ above them and also when ns poked it. It was a dead worm. Will certainly i acquire sick?This is something I have never watched before. I have actually seen black spots on Dungeness crab,King crab and also even eye crab legs before which, most likely, space what we refer to as "war wounds" or the result of normally inter-acting will other crab. I have actually never had actually an incident where a worm, live or dead to be involved. Personally I would not eat it. Will certainly you gain sick? i don"t know. But when Enjoy!-ing crab of any kind of kind.... No worm would certainly be going into my mouth!

discolored (brown) eye crab shell

eye crab is normally bright orange. I have actually seen brown speckles or mainly brown shells and also even sometime black clues (by the knuckle).Why is the the specie, beginning or harvesting the plays a roll in how the crab looks when it is cooked?The meat is usually more strong or salty.Not certain why there"s discoloring on brown eye crab shells. Might be a number of possible factors and also a mix of all the above...the specie, origin, and also harvesting, and natural pigmentations in the covering that don"t come out till they space cooked. V this said, every crab shells, whether, blue crab, dungeness, snow, or king, will have a different shade of shade after boiling them.

Does dungeness crab have actually black inside?

through Carol (Mandeville, LA)

I carried a dungeness crab and it"s gills and some the the meet has black color on it.Yes, dungeness crab may have black on the inside. Whether it is bought in ~ the keep or caught fresh the is NOT uncommon to discover a entirety myriad of color or color combinations inside the crab. This need to be that no actual concern. Ns have uncovered store bought crab frequently have an ext "colors" inside than fresh crab (probably as result of freezing,shipping etc.) Therefore, you can expect, from time to time to view not only black however brown, green, part browns, yellow and also most absolutely some white. If the meat top top the inside of the knuckles is discolored you could pick the off and also discard it since the true smell of the dungeness crab meat might be adversely influenced but..... Color inside the crab is no necessarily a bad thing! ENJOY!

Black in the crab legs and shell is this ok?

I obtained black in the crab legs and also shell. Is this ok?To it is in brutally ethical here, it"s really hard to tell without a photo of what you space referring to. This additionally brings some questions, like, where did you get this crab and also what type of crab room you introduce to? we don"t have actually a many details to go by to provide you one honest and clear answer. However..... It has been our suffer in the past that plenty of breeds that crab (i.e. King crab, Dungeness crab, and also even snow crab) frequently have black color spots on your legs and/or body (shells). We favor to think that them as "war wounds" or the natural an outcome of crab connecting with each various other (often in a violent way). The an excellent news is the we have never experienced any type of "ill effects" native this naturally emerging anomaly and have not uncovered it come detrimental come the quality of the crab meat uncovered inside. If this appears to be the blackness you space concerned around then my ideal advice to you would have to be.....Enjoy!Got one more question around crab? walk to Crab Chat and also ask away!Try few of our favourite Crab Meat Recipes come enjoy!Check out much more cool crab stuff. Go to rewildtv.com HomepageTreat your family to restaurant high quality meals in the lull of your very own home. Shop legal Sea foodstuffs Today

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Black spots on snow crab legs



Black point out on snow Crab


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What is responsible for the small black point out on these eye crab legs? are these crab legs still safe to eat?Yes, these snow crab legs room still safe to eat. The black color spots have actually only effected the shells. Us "believe" the these are "battle wounds." Crabs have actually battles as they have preditors and they carry out fight one another. The black spots are most likely "bruises" from such and also nothing to it is in leary of as you don"t eat the shells. Gain those snow Crab legs! lock look absolutely rewildtv.com come us!

Black point out on eye crab legs

i was going to heat and eat mine crab legs for dinner tonight yet I noticed over there are large black point out on a couple of of the legs. What room these and also are the foot still ok come eat?It has been our experience with not only Snow Crab however King crab and also Dungeness crab too (which is what we record here)that they every exhibit a specific amount of this "black spots" on your legs and bodies periodically also. We think that these room nothing an ext than "war wounds" and also occur naturally as a an outcome of crab communicating with each other. They need to be perfect great for eating and also most importantly....ENJOY!-ing