Ringo was the an initial Beatle to attempt to leaving the band. The result was his most renowned composition

Ringo has never aspired to it is in a principal songwriter. For The Beatles he has two sole writing credits: Don’t pass Me By and also Octopus’s Garden.

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Don’t pass Me By


Ringo’s very first song credit mixes Cajun, country and comedy record influences. It has is that is admirers however for me clanks follow me for two minutes as well long.



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I’d prefer to be under the sea

In an octopus’s garden in the shade

Ringo Starr was famous for his supposedly unflappable temperament. Despite he had actually experienced what has been described as a ‘Dickensian childhood’, significant by extreme ill-health and also poverty, he appeared the many sanguine that the Fab Four. By late 1968, however, even his amiability was being sorely experiment Beatle in-fighting.

Abbey roadway was not a happy functioning environment throughout the record sessions for The White Album. Ringo, the least involved in the squabbling and backbiting, experienced the most from the emotional fall out:

I couldn’t take it it any kind of more. There was no magic and also the relationship were terrible. I’d concerned a negative spot in life. It might have been paranoia, but I just didn’t feel an excellent — ns felt choose an outsider. Ringo, Anthology

Things concerned a head throughout a recording session because that Back in the USSR on the 22nd the August, 1968. The an exact trigger allude is unknown, despite it has been said that Paul attempting to instruct him on how to pat the drum part was one factor. In whatever case, at some allude Ringo snapped. After informing John and Paul he was leaving the group, that walked out of the studio.

At first, Ringo’s leave seemed to confirm the underlying factor for it. The others assumed the their drummer’s ‘resignation’ was not seriously intended. They continued the recording session.

The following day Ringo take it his family on holiday to Sardinia, where his friend Peter Sellers had actually a yacht. The aim was to get away from everything linked with his life as a Beatle. But, together he explains in this interview, a possibility conversation with the captain proved the unlikely incentive for what would certainly be best-loved composition.

Ringo Starr — from BBC Radio Documentary: The Abbey road Story — part One (around 53.00)

…..we talked around octopuses. The told me the they hang out in your caves and also they go around the seabed detect shiny stones and also tin cans bottles to placed in prior of their cavern like a garden. I assumed this was fabulous, due to the fact that at the moment I just wanted to be under the sea too. (Anthology)

Back in London, it was dawning top top the various other Beatles the they had a serious crisis to deal with. It proved the jolt they essential to carry them with each other Within days Ringo obtained a telegram indigenous his band-mates: ‘You’re the ideal rock’n’roll drummer in the world. Come on home, we love you.’

Two weeks later on Ringo went back to the studio to discover his drum kit garlanded v flowers. The impact salutary on every concerned. ‘I felt good about myself again, we’d got through that tiny crisis and also it to be great.’

It didn’t stay ‘great’ — the final twenty months of The Beatles would prove increasingly acrimonious. But Ringo largely controlled to remain out the the internecine struggle, maintaining an excellent personal connections with the various other three.

The Beatles began working on Octopus’s Garden throughout the let it be sessions. At an early stage version shows that Ringo’s had actually a type of pub sing-along in mind. The later plan — and an especially George Harrison’s guitar — transform what Harrison had spotted was ‘a lovely song’.

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Joint credits

Ringo also has a variety of joint writing credits. These were usually songs he sang on.

What walk On (Rubber Soul) (Lennon-McCartney-Starr)Flying(Magical secret Tour) (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)Dig It (Let the Be) (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)Maggie May” (Let the Be) (tradi: adaptation by Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)

In the 1990s, the Anthology collection saw the relax of studio out-takes and also a controversial effort to reunite the four Beatles because that a solitary (Free together a Bird

Free together a Bird (Anthology 1) (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)Christmastime (Is below Again) (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)12-Bar Original Anthology 2) (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)Los Paranoias (Anthology 3) (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr)

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