If you have actually purchased a beautiful marine blue dress or gown, friend won’t want to damn the outfit by wearing makeup that clashes. Lipstick have the right to make or break a look, and details shades compliment navy blue attire far better than others. Consorting through the web, we have uncovered the best lip shades and also looks come wear v a marine blue dress, break them under for girlfriend in this post.

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We uncovered that the complying with lipstick shades look ideal with a navy blue dress:

Bright redMerlotBrownCoral pinkNudeGloss

Only a couple of bold lip colors walk nicely v navy blue; most generally worn are organic shades the pink, red, and brown.


If you space unsure how to pull off one of the much more bold color alternatives or are looking to determine which herbal color ideal matches her skin ton and an individual style, friend can uncover various tips and also tricks on just how to choose a lipstick shade below.

Lipstick Colors the Go v Navy Blue

1. Bright Red


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A shining red the shade of lipstick is one of the bolder lipstick shades that deserve to be properly paired v a marine blue dress. This look at is young, fresh, and a little bit daring. Bright red lipsticks are always a show stopper, therefore make certain to pair them v a more simple dress and minimal or more natural-looking makeup somewhere else on the face.

If friend wear a interlocutor lipstick shade like bright red, you should make certain this is the just bold facet in her look. The only exception to this is v the exposure of skin; glowing red lipstick regularly looks lovely through an off-the-shoulder dress or one with a lengthy slit. Furthermore, if you are wearing a shining red shade, make sure to go basic on jewelry and accessories.

How perform You Accessorize A navy Blue Dress?

Accessorizing her navy blue dress is much more dependent top top your liked makeup than you might realize. For instance, with a bold lip color, accessories should be retained to a minimum. With a much more natural hue the lipstick, you can get an ext elaborate v your accessories. Heels need to be worn if possible, but if not, opt because that a strappy pair of sandals or a pointed-toe flat.

The dress itself is likewise a factor in identify accessories. If the dress is really detailed, stay a dangly pair that earrings and shot to skip out on all other accessories. If the is a very straightforward dress, 3 accessories at most should it is in worn. In most cases, only three added accessories have to be paired with all species of dresses. Typically world pair earrings, a clutch, and a necklace or bracelet with dresses.

2. Merlot


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Wine-stained lips room a beautiful selection when put on a navy blue dressed. A matte merlot or berry watch best and also will give the included benefit that making her teeth appear whiter. Stick to a blue-toned merlot lip the shade if at every possible. A deeper the shade of red watch nice through navy blue, but again, this is a bolder lip shade so save accessories and also other makeup to a minimum.

3. Brown


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Brick reds or browns look terrific with navy blue. For sure the hue is not also dark for your skin tone, i m sorry can cause a washed-out look. Blue-toned people can acquire away with brown lipstick if lock can find a shade that has some cooler undertone. However, browns normally look ideal on warmer skin tones, worn with various other warm-toned makeup and accessories.

Should friend Wear silver- Or Gold through Navy?


A shade that is fairly versatile, navy blue is cool-toned but looks finest with yellow accessories. Many thanks to navy’s cool tone, silver have the right to be worn v it fashionably, though gold is an ext popularly used. Yellow is warm and adds a beautiful comparison to a marine blue gown. Yellow or orange is additionally opposite the shade spectrum to blue, so the is no surprise gold compliments the so well.

4. Coral Pink


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Though coral pink have the right to be a daunting color to traction off, the looks an excellent with navy blue attire when worn correctly. The cheat is to discover the ideal hue for her skin tone. Wearing the dorn coral pink with a marine blue dress could cause you come look to wash out, but if you can identify the appropriate tone for your skin color, a great coral pink can look youthful and fun.

Which Hues Go through Which Skin Tone?


With all lipsticks, the is crucial to first identify her underlying skin tone. If girlfriend look at the veins on your wrist, you deserve to see castle appear an ext blue or green. If you can’t phone call if your veins are much more blue or red, you may have actually a neutral skin tone. People with blue undertones are considered cool-toned, and people with eco-friendly are thought about warm-toned.

As a basic rule, each skin tone must stick come a an in similar way toned lipstick. People with cool-toned skin need to stick to lipsticks v blue, purple, or berry undertones. If you have actually blue undertones to her skin, it might be a little more complicated to find a coral pink the compliments your skin tone.

On the other hand, people with warm-toned skin must stick to warmer shades favor lipsticks v orange, yellow, and brown undertones and also can easily wear many coral pinks well. Furthermore, if you have neutral-colored skin, girlfriend can gain away through just about any shade of lipstick, coral pink included.

5. Nude


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Nude shades the lipstick are more than likely the most generally chosen shade to pair through navy blue. Navy blue is a little of a bolder statement shade all ~ above its own, and also pairing it through nude lipstick allows the dress to speak for itself. Pick a shade the compliments your skin tone and is within two shades that your natural lip hue. If you choose a nude the shade of lipstick, friend can acquire more an imaginative and bold through your eye makeup.

Should You match Your Eyeshadow To her Outfit?


Though some people select to complement their eyeshadow to your outfits, this can come off together outdated uneven it is a bright hue. A shining hue that the same shade as your outfit have the right to look like an intended statement, however an eyeshadow through the same hue as your attire can look overly coordinated. If girlfriend opt to wear blue eyeshadow, consult our article on what lipstick hues go with blue and pick a shade on both lists.

Stick come colors similar to that of her accessories or other makeup. Gold eyeshadows, in particular, look good with marine blue. A tiny bit that sparkle is completely fine. If you are an ext mature, usage a tiny amount in ~ the within corners of the eye. Browns and other nude eyeshadow shades additionally look nice with a navy blue dress. Really dark shades deserve to look choose a bit much but can be pulled off as soon as paired through nude lipstick.

6. Gloss


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Much the same to a nude, lips lined with their herbal color and also a simple clear or easy pigmented gloss have the right to look nice v a marine blue dress. This watch will add a bit of glitz without completing with the dress or your various other makeup and also will enable the wearer come pull off a bold eye there is no looking over the top. If you desire to use hefty eye makeup, stick through a nude or a gloss.

Final Lipstick advice to assist You absent A navy Blue Dress


As you have read, there space several options when selecting the right lipstick come wear with your navy blue dress, so choose whichever you like and have fun. Over there is a hue for every skin tone, and accessorizing is easy once you’ve worked out on your overall makeup look.

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Remember to save to one bold assembly element and also wear organic eye assembly if you wear shining red or merlot. Feel complimentary to undertake accessories and a dramatic eye if you opted because that a an ext natural lip shade. We’ve spanned a lot of here, however if friend need help finishing the look with a good pair of heels, examine out our write-up on what color shoes go v everything.