Find out what currency is provided in Finland, tips and also tricks because that Finnish money exchange, and also how you can save money on her visit v the euro card.

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The currency in Finland is the euro. Each euro is split into 100 cents.

When you buying money for Finland, look the end for the money code EUR. And once you’re in Finland, you’ll view the price € offered to present prices.

You’ll discover Euro banknotes in denominations the 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 - although the 200 and 500 EUR note are rarely used. There are additionally 1 and also 2 euro coins.

Cents come in coins the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50.


The way euro take trip money card lets you optimal up in your local currency, and also switch to euro to spend once you’re in Finland. You’ll obtain the ideal rate because that spending in euro - and can additionally hold and spend 50+ various other currencies v the exact same card.

Get your debit card online for free, to send and spend money roughly the people at the real exchange rate.

Simply peak up her card and convert to the money you need in real time making use of the app.

You’ll always get the actual exchange price with no surprise costs, and also you’ll avoid international transaction fees when withdrawing native ATMs abroad, payment in restaurants and also shops, and buying her accommodation and also flights.

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Tips because that exchanging money in Finland.

Familiarise yourself through the mid-market rate before your trip.The mid-market price is the true exchange rate - with no sneaky hidden fees. Use an online money converter before your trip to get a feel for what her money is worth and make sure you obtain a same rate when you purchase your travel money.Convert GBP come EUR >
Choose come be charged in Finland money when withdrawing from ATMs.Being readily available to pay in her own money at one ATM is a sneaky trick and causes numerous travellers come pay much more than they need to. Constantly choose to pay in the local currency - in this case, euro - to cut your costs and also get the finest rates available.
Avoid transforming currency at airports or hotels.Currency exchange workdesks at airports and also hotels regularly markup the exchange prices they use, and may charge surprise fees. Avoid this expensive option whenever friend can.
Use the debit map to invest in Finland there is no rip-off fees.Withdraw money, pay because that meals in restaurants or invest in shops in euro, every at the genuine exchange rate with the way debit card.Get your take trip money card >

Spending money in Finland.

Paying by credit transaction or debit card in Finland

Credit and also debit cards room widely accepted throughout Finland. In fact, Finns are committed users of plastic, even to to buy a beer or cup that coffee.

ATMs in Finland

The Finnish interbank network is referred to as Otto - which method you'll uncover ATMs dubbed Otto everywhere the towns and cities, and also even in smaller sized villages.

To obtain the ideal deal as soon as spending on card or withdrawing money in Finland, nothing forget to usage the way debit card to stop sneaky exchange price markups and excessive fees.

Finnish currency services.

Convert GBP come euro

Use our currency converter to see how much her money is worth in euro and familiarise yourself v the mid-market rate before your trip.

Send money to Finland

Need to send GBP come Finland? usage because that fast, low-cost, and also secure digital money transfers from the united kingdom to Finland.

See the ideal euro exchange rates

Compare live euro exchange rates and see how much you could save through

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Finnish currency FAQs.

What is the money in Helsinki?
The currency in Helsinki is the euro. Each euro is divided into 100 cents. Once you’re in Finland you’ll view the symbol € composed down in shops and on menus, and the currency code EUR provided in exchange offices.

What was the former money of Finland?
Finland entered the Eurozone in 2002. Prior to adopting the euro, the official money in Finland was the Finnish markka.

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