Natural History

Gopher snakes are a fairly large snake indigenous the western coastline of America. They have actually quite a small head and they tend to it is in a bit heavier 보다 other similar snakes. Lock are generally beige or faintly yellow through black or dark brown patterns running the size of the snake. We uncover them to be a very curious and active snake, perfect for intermediate reptile keepers.

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Naturally they room normally uncovered in dry meadows, fields and farmland top top the western shore of America.


west United claims of America


Gopher line come native a center warm environment so they battle with the cold that the UK. Come insulate against this we recommend keeping the snake in a wood vivarium. Because of the temperature gradient required we would normally pick an enclosure a minimum the 3 x 2 x 2ft with big vents and glass slide front doors.

All the this ventilation need to ensure the heat and humidity is shed from one next of the enclosure come the various other while keeping the basking spot chin at a continuous temperature.

Gopher snakes have the right to be a small shy as soon as they are young. Us still usage the full-size enclosure to make certain that the correct temperature gradient is in place however we will certainly provide more decorations to begin with.


Naturally, gopher snakes would certainly be experiencing temperatures of around 90of in the sun. We try to carry out this heat over 1/3 of the enclosure when letting the remainder of the enclosure cool come 75of on opposing side. To attain this we attach a basking desk lamp to the ceiling of the enclosure top top one side. This is managed by a dimming thermostat to make certain that the temperature is kept correct transparent the day. Gopher snakes will be able to reach the peak of your enclosure there is no decorations to rise on for this reason the basking lamp should be surrounded by a guard. The basking lamp is left on because that 10-12 hrs per day.

At night, every one of the lights need to go off and the enclosure should be completely dark. This have to make sure that the snake has actually a clear day and also night cycle.

Though at this allude the sun has actually gone down, there would certainly still be rocks, paths and roads that have warmed up in the day and also that will radiate heat for much of the night. To carry out this warmth transparent the night without presenting light to the enclosure we lay a warm mat under the basking area. The heat mat will warmth objects about it offering a warm patch of ground for the gopher snake to remainder on. To make sure that the warmth mat continues to be the exactly temperature that is managed by a an easy on/off thermostat collection to 75of. The warmth mat is hidden under around an inch of bedding, the sensor for the thermostat is climate rested top top the bedding spanning the warmth mat so the it have the right to track the surface temperature of that patch that floor.

During the day your temperatures will be much too warm and the warm mats thermostat must keep it turn off automatically. The warm mat will only start to warm once the temperatures have dropped listed below 75of in ~ night time.

Though the thermostats we offer are an extremely reliable it is always best exercise to monitor her temperatures with a thermometer. A 5of variance ~ above the basking point out is nothing come worry about as long as her cool side is quiet cool. A simple dial thermometer on each side should be sufficient yet digital probe thermometers space much more accurate.


infant Gopher snake

UVB Lighting

Gopher snakes perform not need UVB to use the calcium in your diet like various other reptiles yet it is tho a beneficial addition to the enclosure. The snake would normally be exposed to UV from sunshine in the wild and also as we room trying come emulate nature in our enclosures we recommend giving some UVB.

A 5% T8 UVB tube, 2-5% T5 UVB pipe or an ext powerful but smaller unit need to be sufficient. The UV tube have to be placed to the ceiling at the ago of the enclosure to administer a light gradient to run parallel to the temperature gradient. There will certainly be times as soon as the snake will certainly want less or no UVB therefore partial and also full hiding spots should be inserted all along the width of the enclosure.


Gopher snakes flourish in a low humidity environment with tough decorations to rise over and bask on. When picking the bedding we try to ensure that the pieces space unlikely to boost the humidity the the enclosure. In-store we generally use a outlet beech woodchip as it is clean, cheap, basic to spot clean and dust-free. If you choose a more natural-looking decoration a soil/clay mix would be perfect. If you plan to store the line in a bio-active enclosure a nutrient-rich soil and clay mix v some sand because that aeration would be perfect.

Gopher snakes love the warmth comes from their basking lamp yet they also appreciate second belly heat which will certainly radiate from warmth objects. Organic rocks choose slate are perfect because that this, so space heavy fabricated ornaments. These decorations deserve to be placed under and also around the basking area and also should heat up nicely. If the lamp is also low there is a possibility that organic rocks can get too hot so friend are ideal to inspect the surface temperature to stop burns.

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As discussed in the lighting section there will be times when the line does no want any UV and needs a bit of shade. Come ensure the the snake can acquire away indigenous the irradiate whenever crucial we advise spreading full and also partial cover transparent the enclosure. Instances of full cover decorations would certainly be caves, level cork piece or any type of other ornament that provides a shady spot come rest. Instances of partial cover would incorporate tall plants, trailing plants.