What does rules of the net mean?

Rules that the web refers come a humorous perform of unofficial rules guiding online conduct or listing axioms about what the net is and also how users should behave on it.

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Contrary come what the name might imply, the so-called rules of the net are not laws enforceable by any kind of official authority. Rather, they room a collection of in-jokes, guidelines, and also references related to internet society as it was in the at an early stage 2000s. Many of the catchphrases in ~ the rules of the internet, as it exists today, are details allusions to mim on 4chan or famous references to Fight Club, south Park, and so on.

Emerging as a type of Netiquette because that the Internet group Anonymous, the rule of the net were released on the satirical wiki, Encyclopedia Dramatica, in 2006, before an attempt at a much more official list arised on 4chan in 2007. The founder that 4chan, Christopher Poole, has said that the rules came to be so famous that users tended to overlook 4chan’s rule in favor of their very own homemade rules of the internet.

There’s no one, consistent, agreed-upon collection of rules of the internet. The initial list claimed, for instance, to have 50 rules, however actually only had actually 18. Some later on versions have actually only 48 entries, whereas others have 100. If the rule vary fairly a bit across online subcultures, a few have come to be well established, including a number of holdovers indigenous the original Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Rule 1: do not talk around rules 2-33Rule 34: over there is erotic of it. No exceptions.Rule 35: The exemption to ascendancy #34 is the citation of ascendancy #34.Rule 36: anonymous does no forgive.Rule 37: There space no girl on the internet.Rule 38: A cat is well tooRule 39: One cat leads to another.Rule 40: another cat leader to zippocat.Rule 41: whatever is someone’s sexual fetish.Rule 42: the is delicious cake. You should eat it.Rule 43: it is a delicious trap. You have to hit it.Rule 44: /b/ sucks today.Rule 45: cock goes in here.Rule 46: They will certainly not bring earlier Snacks.Rule 47: You will never have sex.Rule 48: ???Rule 49: Profit.Rule 50: You can not division by zero.

Whatever the specific list, the rules of the internet are plan to it is in funny, and many rules purposely contradict every other. Dominance 34, because that example, describes the ubiquity that pornography online: “There is porn of it. No exceptions.” Then, preeminence 35 adheres to up: “The exemption to ascendancy #34 is the quote of rule #34.”

Other rule of the internet are misogynistic or provocative in nature. Preeminence 30 (in some versions), for instance, declares: “There space no girls on the internet.” as if to insurance claim the internet as an specifically male space. And also Rule 31 demands: “Tits or GTFO,” or “Show me a photo of her tits or obtain the crap out,” said to female individuals in digital forums.

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The beforehand rules of the net reflected the nature the 4chan at the time: raw, new, anonymous, and also widely offered by younger males with nerdy interests, favor anime and also gaming. Together the internet expanded and also evolved, the rules of internet progressed with it, leading some customers to think the rules are significantly out of date.