What go "qu"est ce que c"est ça" mean?I assumed c"est and ça way the same thing "it", so I"m a small confused why do we have to repeat the twice.

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My teacher likewise said that we deserve to use "qu"est ce que c"est" and also "qu"est ce que ça", but they room slightly different. How exactly are they different?



The sentence:

Qu"est ce que c"est ?

Means "what is this?" (literally: "what is this the it is")

In enlarge times, a much easier sentence would have actually been used:

Qu"est-ce ?

but that is now written/formal rewildtv.com.

The pronoun ça (a shortened kind of cela) means this/that.

Here is is appended through the speak to show what the concern is introduce to, generally by pointing the object.

It must be be separated by a comma native the rest of the sentence:

Qu"est-ce que c"est, ça ?

or by one more que:

Qu"est-ce que c"est que ça ? regularly colloquially pronounced /kɛseksa/

The next sentence is incorrect:

Qu"est ce que ça ?

Colloquial rewildtv.com can be:

C"est quoi, ça ?

Slang might be:

Quésaco / Kézaco ? (from Occitan Qu"es aquò)

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