Trying to determine what size pulls or handles to use on her cabinets deserve to feel daunting! Luckily, I’m going come share the exact alternatives you can use because that each common size room drawer or door.

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Cabinet hardware is a significant passion of mine right next to paint.

It’s also an area I have actually expertise in, after working for the major hardware brand Amerock and also launching 200 new products!

Having to recognize what sizes to develop for brand-new product lines and also then usage in our cabinet hardware product photography / brochure was a significant part of my job.

What I can tell girlfriend is, there is no “standard” length pull you must use.

I’m serious! Instead, I’m walking to present you the variety of pull/handle lengths with guidance top top what fits on usual cabinet drawers and doors.

Understanding room Hardware traction Lengths

Most importantly, when choosing cabinet hardware traction you have to look in ~ the in its entirety length.

Here is some simple lingo to acquire yourself familiar to what to pay attention to, once reading the product specifications online:

Center-to-Center–the distance from the facility of one screw feet to the center of the other screw hole. This is the standard market measurement because that sizing room handles.Overall Length– the street from one finish of the pull to the other end. This measure is constantly greater than the “center to center” measurement.Projection–measures how far the traction or knob sticks the end from the surface of the room door or drawer after that is installed.Diameter– self-explanatory in a ring knob, but the diameter of a pull or handle, if given, refers to the width orthicknessof the bar section of the pull (the part you grab).

You deserve to see right here the size is much longer than the center to facility measurement – also though they are the same!

The in its entirety length typically will no be much more than 2 inches higher than the center to center measurement.

The BEST method to check the length quickly and easily?

Painters tape!


If you currently have holes drilled in her cabinets, obviously for pulls that will dictate the length you need to buy.

TIP: come determine present pull length:

Take the pull off the cabinet and run painter’s tape in between both holes

Pin It because that Later!


Common size of cabinet Hardware

Now that you understand the lingo around cabinet hardware measurements, let’s review the most common sizes of hardware.


Knobs typically have one hole because that installation and also can it is in round, square, rectangle-shaped or a t-bar.

1 1/2 inch is a constant sized knob1 3/4 inch and larger is an overlapping knobPulls / Handles

Pulls likewise come in usual sizes and as i mentioned previously you must pay fist to 3 measurements: center to center, in its entirety length, and also projection.

You order pulls based on these common center-to-center dimensions (the industry goes metric the much longer the pull – no idea why!).

3 inches96mm (about 3 3/4 inches)128mm (about 5 inches)160mm (about 6 1/4 inches)256mm (about 10 inches)

Cup traction are another option that are frequently 3 inch or 4 inches.

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Bar Pulls, as presented below, come in way more lengths and also come an extremely long. So if the is what friend need, start with a bar pull.

They room the most typical pulls girlfriend see because of their an easy styling, small diameter, and also affordable price.

Image Courtesy the Amerock CatalogShop Bar Pulls
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Common Cabinet and Drawer Sizes

So you have a genuine life instance kitchen, I’ll use my own!

My kitchen is in a spec home and also has some practice options, so over there is a wide selection represented.

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Cabinet drawer Width

For this exercise and because I had actually the drawings, the widths that drawers found in my kitchen space as follows:

9 inches16 inches18 inches24 inches30 inches36 inches


Cabinet Door Height

Again utilizing my kitchen as an example, below are the selection of heights that cabinets:

24 inches30 inches42 inches


What length Pull by cabinet Drawer and also Door Size

This is whereby you may be surprised through what I’ll say: execute what girlfriend want! there is no “correct” reference of pull by drawer or door length are height.

However, there are limiting factors. Girlfriend can’t placed a traction on a drawer the is wider than the drawer