In this brief guide, we will cover the complying with topics because that ‘contar’ in Spanish:

How to usage ‘Contar’ in Spanish

What does ‘Contar’ mean?

DefinitionContar means come tell, to count, come have, to think about or take right into account. In Spanish, we usage ‘contar’ come express the a human is telling or narrating something, counting objects, describing the attributes of a details object or expressing the a variable will or won’t have actually value.

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Depending ~ above the context where it’s gift applied, contar has multiple definitions in Spanish. Listed below are few of the most usual meanings and their corresponding English translations.

If offered to express that a person is informing something come someone, such together a story, contar means ‘to tell’, ‘to narrate’ or ‘to relate’.If offered for enumerations or counting numbers or objects, ‘contar’ is translated as ‘to count’.Contar’ means ‘to have’ once talking about the features that things possesses.When describing the a factor will or i will not ~ be taken into account, contar means ‘to compute’ or ‘to count’.

Take Note: Given that is translated as ‘to tell’, many learners assume that ‘contar’ and ‘decir’ are exactly the same. Although lock share the same translation, contar implies informing something with more details such as story or gossip. Decir is very closely related to ‘to say’. Here you can learn much more about the difference between ‘contar’ and also ‘decir’.

‘Contar’ Conjugations

In Spanish, contar is an rarely often, rarely verb. This method that compared to constant verbs, there room irregularities come the rules as soon as conjugating to most tenses or with most subjects. In fact, ‘contar’ is a regular verb in the imperfect tense, preterite, future and also conditional.


No creo que Celia les haya contado nada.I don’t think Celia had said them anything.

Si nos hubieras contando, te habríamos podido ayudar.If girlfriend had said us, we can have helped you.


Imperative conjugation

To form the imperative through ‘contar’, you need to use two stems. Similar to in the current tense, you’ll usage ‘cont for ‘nosotros’ and ‘vosotros’ while for ‘tú’ and ‘usted/ustedes’ you will work with ‘cuent.

CuentaTell / Count
NosotrosContemosLet’s tell / let’s count
VosotrosContadTell / Count
UstedesCuentenTell / Count

Take Note: The negative imperative is constantly conjugated making use of the present subjunctive tense. Together a result, because that some topics you’ll usage a continual stem while for others you’ll use the irregular ‘cuent’.

¡No le cuentes nada! Sandra no quiere que nadie sepa.Don’t tell her anything! Sandra doesn’t want anybody to know.

How to usage ‘Contar’ in Spanish (with Examples)

Contar has four main offers in Spanish:

Expressing the someone is telling somethingTalking around an enumeration or counting thingsDescribing an object’s attributes or characteristicsExpressing the something is or no valid

In the part below, okay provide an ext information for this reason you have the right to understand when to use ‘contar’ for each one of these contexts. Additionally, I’ll encompass phrase structures and examples for this reason you have actually a much better idea of how to develop your very own sentences.

Expressing that someone is informing something

In Spanish, contar is frequently used come express the someone is telling or narrating something come you. In this context, ‘contar’ means that the speaker offers a many of information or details around the topic gift discussed.

For example, you deserve to use ‘contar’ once referring come stories, anecdotes, gossip or jokes. Notification that every one of them call for a details degree the detail.

+ <‘contar’ conjugated> +

Mañana te contaré qué me pasó.Tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened.

¿Ya les conté lo que me hizo Sandy?Did I currently tell friend guys what Sandy did to me?

Cuando éramos niños, mi mamá siempre nos contaba cuentos.When we were kids, my mom constantly told us bedtime stories.

Talking about an enumeration or counting things

As the direct translation that ‘to count’, contar is likewise used to enumerate or counting something. Listed below there room some examples and also a expression structure the you can use in this case. Note that in this case, by making use of a noun (example #2) girlfriend can administer information about the objects gift counted.

<‘Contar’ conjugated> +

Mañana contaremos cuánto dinero reunimos.Tomorrow fine count how much money us gathered.

Matty y Liam están contando los libros.Matty and also Liam are count the books.

¿Cuánto dijiste? ¡No contaste bien! Cuenta otra vez.How lot did friend say? you didn’t count well! Count again.

Describing one object’s features or characteristics

In formal Spanish, ‘contar’ can be provided to define or enumerate the functions of one object. The can additionally be used to talk about a person’s possessions. Together a result, in this context, this verb deserve to be interpreted as ‘to have’. Here are some examples that you can use as guidance:

+ <‘Contar’ conjugated> + con +

Este celular no cuenta con cámara.This phone call doesn’t have a camera.

Señora, no cuento con efectivo, ¿acepta tarjeta?Miss, ns don’t have cash, do you expropriate cards?

La casa que les mostré contaba con dos baños y tres habitaciones.The home that I verified you had two bathrooms and also three bedrooms.

Expressing the something is or isn’t valid

In unshened Spanish, ‘contar’ is used to explain that a aspect will or won’t impact a details situation. Therefore, ‘contar’ can be translated as ‘to take into account’, ‘to it is in valid’ or ‘to consider’. Check the examples listed below to have a better understanding of this use.

<‘Contar’ conjugate> +

¿La tarea cuenta si se la mando más tarde?Is the homework valid if i send that later?

Este examen no contaba para la calificación final.This test didn’t count for the final grades.

La maestra me dijo que contará la asistencia.The teacher said me that she will take right into account the attendance.

Take Note: You deserve to use a noun to define what’s the point that will certainly or i will not ~ be valid. Note that in example #2, para allows you come express what that thing is going to be precious for.

‘Contar’ expressions & Idioms

Here are some usual expressions and idioms through ‘contar’ that will help you interact your principles better.

Contar una de vaqueros: This informal expression is offered to express disbelief or come mock someone that is telling a fake or unbelievable story. ‘Contar una de vaqueros’ way ‘to call a wild story’ or ‘to phone call a story’ and it’s much more popular in mexico Spanish.

Contar con el favor: It’s a conventional expression the we usage to describe that a person has actually the support of someone or something. It means ‘to have the support of. It’s usually applied in formal contexts.

Contar con alguien: It method ‘to count on’ or ‘to depend on’. It expresses the a person can rely or to trust someone else. Together a conventional term, it deserve to be supplied in both formal and also informal situations.

Synonyms that ‘Contar’ in Spanish

Relatar: Relatar means ‘to relate’ or ‘to narrate’. Together a result, it’s mostly used as soon as talking around telling stories. This verb is slightly more formal than ‘contar’.

Enumerar: It can be a synonym that ‘contar’ as soon as talking about counting number or objects. This verb is more suitable for formal contexts and also it can be translated as ‘to enumerate’.

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Tener: In Spanish, the verb tener is offered to talk around possessions or to describe the features of an object. Together a result, that a synonym for ‘contar’ once talking around belongings or the attributes of something.

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