As shortly as girlfriend click come send a article to her friend, Kik Messenger lets you know, step-by-step, how far along that message is in its trip to her friend’s device.

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Most the the standing letters space pretty straight-forward, yet on some tools the “D” has a different an interpretation depending top top its shade. Probably you’ve wondered, “What go the light “D” on Kik mean?

Why We Like Kik Messenger

Those of united state who have used Kik Messenger a while understand that it is just one of the most feature-rich social conversation apps you can use. Because that anyone who has actually not been utilizing Kik Messenger for an extremely long, or also someone who has actually not used it in ~ all, ns am walk to testimonial some of the attributes I like around the app that do Kik Messenger stand the end from the others.

No fees on Kik

The very first reason a lot of us revolve to a society text app like Kik Messenger is to prevent charges on our mobile phone call bill. A many of intake plans permit a certain number of text messages per month. ~ that, there is a per-message fee. Those fees add up conveniently when you’re enjoying a casual chat through friends. With Kik Messenger, there is no fee for any number of messages you send in a month. You’re totally free to chat easily without a thought to payment a cent with Kik.


Other phone plans enable unlimited complimentary messages to human being on your plan with you, or using the exact same carrier as you do, yet charge for text messages to world that space on a different carrier’s service plan. Kik Messenger works seamlessly throughout platforms so that you never need to think about what kind of call or what mobile service provider a girlfriend is using.

Kik Shops

I really choose Kik Messenger’s specialty shops. In situation you don’t know, Kik Messenger has actually a Smiley Shop, Sticker Store, and also Bot Shop. My favorite smiley pack is the Quac Flock. They’re tiny avocados with sayings like, “Haas-ta la vista, Baby,” “Don’t Pitty Me,” and also “Holy Guacamole!” If zombie are more your theme, you’d more than likely like The smiling Dead v emoji like, “No Sanctuary,” “Love Bites,” “Dead Inside,” and also “Zombie Rage.” various other collections are Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls, Frankie the Fox, Dave the Cat, and also The Dumplings.

From the Bot Shop, i’m still enjoying the recurring choose-your-adventure game of Zombie Invasion, and it’s constantly fun to play a couple of rounds the tic tac toe v Tickers the bot. There room all sorts of game bots for – trivia games, adventure games, strategy gamings – every little thing you like, it’s more than likely there. And also of course over there are various other kinds that bots. One will provide you the weather, one more helps v fashion and also makeover tips, and also others tho will assist you uncover a task or setup a workout.

The ideal bot friend the end there just might be the Kik clues bot. The yes, really neat thing about all of the Kik Messenger shops is the nothing ever expenses you a cent. When you want to purchase a sticker or emoji, you use an in-app currency called Kik points (kp because that short). It’s not like various other apps and games whereby you pay for the money of the realm and then usage them in the game. Kp’s are constantly free. Friend earn an ext by conversing v the Kik point out bot and also completing easy and fun offers. Today, because that example, ns earned 370 kp. Think it or not, 100 of them come from creating an emoji because that my dog v an sell from The secret Life of pet movie ad. It was so fun and also now I have the right to use the emoji in mine kiks!

Message Notifications

Those are simply a pair of the reasons I and millions that others pick Kik Messenger for our key chat and texting app. Kik brings v it dozens of various other cool features, choose the message status indicator. As soon as I send a message to a friend, Kik Messenger display screens a receipt status indicator. In the example below, you can see the “R” alongside the message, “Hi,” in the violet bubble. The “R” tells me that the message was sent, delivered, and also read.


When I watch a “D” indicator beside a article I have actually sent, it method the message has actually been yielded to my friend’s machine but he has actually not read it. Relying on the sort of smartphone my friend is using, the “D” might show up at a dark or solid “D” native the start, or the might show up as a light or faded “D” in ~ first.

The light (Faded) “D”

The faded “D” shows up when your friend is not proactively using Kik Messenger at the minute you send a message. It means that a push notification has been sent yet the post is no considered completely delivered due to the fact that Kik Messenger is no open and also in use by her friend ideal now.

Lots of apps use push notifications come let someone understand that over there is one update, alert, or new activity the they should inspect at their earliest convenience. This lets users of the application stay informed about what is continue on the app without having to keep the application running in the background and eating up your battery for this reason much. These links tell you an ext about regulating push notifications top top the iPhone and Android.

“The text is a restricted field of feasible constructions.”- Paul Ricoeur

When we send a message and also see the it is delivered, we start a psychological countdown of kinds while wait for our girlfriend to review it and also respond. We know the message has actually reached ours friend when we view the “D” condition indicator. Kik Messenger lets you understand that her friend isn’t even using the Kik Messenger application right now by leave the “D” standing indicator in a lighter shade once the application is no presently open up and active on their device.

This is helpful because it allows you recognize that you might not be obtaining a response ago from your friend ideal away. It may turn the end that she receives the press notification, sees that is a blog post from you in Kik Messenger, and also she goes best to open the app to review your message. If this is the case, as quickly as she opens Kik Messenger the “D” indicator will certainly go from irradiate (faded) to dark (solid).


When the “D” does no change, for all you know she could not even be near her phone right now. The is nice the the lighter “D” indicator lets you know the message is in her queue, so to speak, yet not yet yielded in her Kik app so that you nothing sit over there waiting.

Other indication Statuses

While we’re talking around the an interpretation of the light “D” status, let’s quickly review all of the blog post indicator statuses we check out in Kik Messenger.

“S” – when you first send her text, the “S” condition will appear. This tells you the message has left your phone and also is ~ above the means to her friend. It commonly goes really rapid so you can only catch a glimpse that it before the following status appears.“D” – together we have actually just covered, the “D” status means the message is in the procedure of or has been ceded to her friend’s device. As soon as the “D” is in a lighter or faded shade, a push notice has to be delivered yet the Kik Messenger application is not energetic on the maker right now. The “D” darkens once the Kik Messenger application is opened on your friend’s smartphone to show the message is fully delivered.“R” – her friend has read her message when the condition indicator alters to “R.”“…” – 3 dots phone call you the Kik Messenger is trying to send the end your message. Once your blog post is sent, the condition will readjust to an “S.” If your message hangs in this condition (“…”) for very long, you could want to inspect your connection to the Internet.“!” – A red exclamation mark tells you that your message failed. Over there is most likely a problem with her Wi-Fi connection, so inspect on the and shot to send your message again when it is fixed.

Kik Messenger provides all these codes come let us know how much along our post has acquired to ours friend. Over there is one other notification you can see, though it’s not likely if you’ve to be kikking earlier and forth with your friend recently:

Oops that looks choose this person’s phone has actually been off/disconnected because that a while. We’ll provide your message once they connect again.

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When you view this message, Kik Messenger is simply letting you recognize that your friend hasn’t opened the app for a few days. Your post is there, and also when her friend opens up the Kik app they will check out it, yet Kik thinks you’d choose to understand the friend hasn’t been around for a tiny bit therefore they might not check out your post right away.

All the these standing codes combine to store us in the loop ~ above the development of our messages from the moment we click to send until our plan recipient has received and read the message. The following time your article hangs in a faded “D” status, you will not need to question, “What does The light “D” ~ above Kik Mean?” it is Kik Messenger’s way of letting girlfriend know specifically what’s up v your post right now. Ns think it’s a yes, really neat function in Kik’s standing receipt system and also look front to what you need to say ~ above it. Let me recognize in the comments if you choose that Kik allows you recognize that only a push an alert but not the full message has actually reached her friends. Thanks for reading!

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