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What walk Damian Mean?

Damian is a historic name that way “to tame” or “subdue.” that is obtained from the Greek word “Damianos” which deserve to mean “master,” “overcome,” or “conquer.” The name Damian has likewise been connected to the Greek goddess that fertility, Damia. In roman mythology, she’s well-known as Ceres.

Damian is a an extremely popular surname in England and Ireland. It’s even much more popular in these countries than in Greece wherein it originated. The surname was particularly popular amongst early Christians throughout Europe. This is since of Saint Damian that was martyred together his brothers Cosmas in the 4th century. Castle are right now the patron saints of physicians. 

Damian is additionally a popular name in literature works and also other functions of art. The most common being Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne in the Batman comics. A usual variant that the surname is Damien, back the name Damian is used more commonly in the joined States. 

After its use in “The Omen films,” where the character Damian was portrayed as an evil child, the surname Damian to be attached to some negativity. However, this only lasted a pair of years after the film’s debut and also is nothing to worry about. The name proceeds to be widely loved and used all throughout the world. 

Origin: Damian has Greek origins. It’s obtained from the Greek native Damianos which means to tame.Gender: Damian is a name predominantly offered to boys yet can be given to any gender.Pronunciation: Day-mee-an

Although many baby names space separated by gender, Verywell family members believes that sex does not must play a function in her name selection process. It’s essential to choose a name that you feel suits your new baby the best.

How well-known is the name Damian?

The name Damian is popular in the unified States. That was very first used as a boy’s surname in the United states in 1912, however it only became popular in the year 1952 where it debuted in spot 941 of the most common names for boys. It has since risen and continues to rise in popularity.

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Between the years 1978 and also 1981, the name shed some popularity, no many thanks to the release of the movie “The Omen” wherein a character that was illustrated as the kid of the devil was named Damian. During this duration people reported being creeped the end by the name. That emotion has since been forgotten.

According to 2019 data native the Social protection Administration, Damian is the 111th most famous name for guys in the joined States. About 1968, it was briefly used to name girls but didn’t get a many popularity. 

Damion (English)Damiaan (Dutch)Damianos (Ancient Greek)Damyan (Bulgarian)Damon (Greek)Demyan (Russian)Damjan (Macedonian)Damiao (Portuguese)Daemon Damien (French)Daymian 

similar Names

If you aren’t quite sold on the name Damian for your baby, right here are other names that sound and also feel similar to consider: 

common Nicknames

Being just three syllables, some world may opt not to use any type of nicknames. However, some nicknames because that Damian include: